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    Most overated player in the game in your oppinion?

    well there is no such thing as technical balance and power balance, they are just two concepts you made up. balance is balance and i think that is right to describe messi, aguero, robinho.. however i think that stat is under agility in pes. in order to have high agility one naturally needs good...
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    any still play pes2009?

    If you're finding defensive positioning a problem you might want to try manual man-marking. I find that without it my fullbacks are running in to defend the box instead of defending the wings when there is clearly the COM moving to cross it in. Also, in order to successfully perform an offside...
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    PES 2009 PC Resolutions Question!

    Ok, so i bought a Samsung Series 4 LCD TV the other day. And every resolution i run it on when hooked up to the PC produces unclear lettering etc in Windows. Except 1280x768 - this produces graphics as you would expect on a lcd monitor. BUT, in PES2009 it seems every other resolution seems...
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    Online PLayers

    are u from aus? do u get alot of games that show up wen u search for rooms? cause i find nothing and i dont know if its something wrong with my connection. i can find like 1 or 2 in ranking rooms.
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    Online PLayers

    Cant Find Games Hi, i have a question about online play. I bought the US version and play from Australia. But when i go online play there is like only 1 or 2 games available in ranking and pretty much no games in friendly. judging by the talk on this thread, the game is much more popular than...