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    WEmerica & DjPelle Option File 1.0 PES2008 PS3!!!

    Is there somekind of realistisk release date on the PS3 Optionfile? Hmm.. I mean, the transfer window glosing 31. jan -08 right?.. - But anyways, thanks for the good work guys!!..
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    PS3 Eye

    I´ve tried it, but it really sucks!...
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    [ALL] Milanista's And Mike's Option File V3.8**Summer Update**

    Release on V4 optionfile 1. september? right?... :D
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    j708 pes5 OPT s07/08 -( based on Watson V4.0 of )- 30 new club teams

    Same Problem here.. If anyone can convert this OF to a PSV file, so some of us can use it on Playstation 3! :D -Thanks alot! :) Btw, i can´t find any converters on the net, that can convert any other optionfile to PSV. -need help?! :crymore:
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    i got we9 stats

    Stats for: Thomas Kahlenberg / Auxerre
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    i got we9 stats

    Stats for: Søren Larsen / Schalke 04 -Thanks.. :-)
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    Pes4 Demo Confirmed Date !!!!!! Read Me

    Hey!... is there a homepage where you can order the demo now?... I really hooked to play it before the real realese! i can´t wait anymore...!!! ;-) from a real Pes fan!