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    Pes 2009 Trailer!!!

    Can anyone tell me what the song is called ? or is it just another of konami's songs like "go for the goal" ;)
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    Timfen's Pes 6 Option File Discussion

    looking forward for the OF v3.... The stadiums in the game are very weird for the teams... fx Lyon at kashima stadium and nice at anfield :S they should be at highbury and at tardini.....
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    You're Master League so far?

    Hey 1 question: I am aiming for Online mode with my ML team but what is best Players do develop or players do not develop??;)
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    Changing Stadium for teams

    Hmm is it just me or have Konami made the game so that it is only some licened teams which stadiums can be changed? :huh: I think it is really bad because teams like Lyon and Portsmouth have some stadiums that doesn't look like their real ones.. Is there any way to change the stadiums? maybe...
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    PES6 beta version played

    how is the music in the game?
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    PES6 beta version played

    hmm doesn't look good with Highbury and Bayern stadium on but is the music in the game?
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    PES6 Info, Licenses + More

    Looks like..Emirates Stadium(arsenal) and Allianz Arena(Bayern München) aren't going to be in pes6 :(
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    Brondby badge...?

    can someone make this badge...????plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Brondby badge I am not good at making badges so plzzz help me........
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    Brondby badge

    Can someone make this badge plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....
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    Licensed Scandinavian teams!! pics for proof

    PLZZZZ Ireally hope that Brondby is in the final game...but it is very unlikely. :(
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    Pes5 pc demo out now

    the demo is out here CREDITS TO #11 [ibo] Team Captain
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    WE9 Stadiums

    do you guys think that the Allianz Arena will be on pes5?????
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    Is there anyone here from Denmark??

    why are you asking???
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    Editing WE and PES Utd - Who will they be?

    I give you right about FC Copenhagen but NOT!!!!! about Brøndby IF because they rule the world!!!!!!!!!!! Greetings a BIG BRØNDBY FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Pro Evolution 4 Playing Full Release Now

    How updated are the transfers????