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  1. J

    PES-2017 for its “Adaptive Ai and Natural Player Movement” Feedback?

    pes 16 is better IMO. this game is garbage, passing is crap and the script is fucking awful. AI does not adapt, your AI gets switched off.
  2. J

    TAKE DDA/scripting/rubber banding off

    My club rubber banding is unbearable, people are playing level 3 and level 2 teams to get the momentum, why sell coins then handicap players for having a great team. When playing with a level 5 team! The scripted mistakes are very obvious, if my club would play like my club friendlies the game...
  3. J

    They just messed up the game

    The scripting in my club has become unbearable. It's brutal now, the messed up again. Lol
  4. J

    Reset team

    It looks like I'm going to have to reset my my club team, after this update! I have win 5 games in around 40 matches. I've went division 4 to division 8, my team have just went all retard, they can't score, their first touch bounces of them, players are very slow in turning and always second to...
  5. J

    Data pack 2 and PATCH

    cant believe thy aint fixed the slide tackles or goals from kick offs.
  6. J

    Data pack 2 and PATCH

    myclub is still the same mess.
  7. J

    All my games have too many goals I simply can't defend. Tips?

    11 black balls don't work, play with select automatically team spirit and play with a level 4 team, not level 5, add 3-4 white balls to your bench, watch the defenders cut out all the unforced errors.
  8. J

    Team Spirit and goalkeepers?

    after having the game since day one, this game is so broken and badly scripted it gets a 3 out of ten for me, i'll never buy another football game again! my club is the worst for it, you have about 20 percent control of your games sometimes, football games are finished for me.
  9. J

    winners amongst winners

    Anyone have any dought about scripting? go play this, its actually embarrassing how heavy and bad it is. Konami really are a disgrace.
  10. J

    Scripting in action - extremely blatant

    I'll never buy another football game again, the scripting is too much now, when you can call what time the goals will be scored at, mainly 46 mins and 92 every other game, and when you can see the heavily scripted scenarios it's nothing nore than a waste of time and money.
  11. J

    Scripting in action - extremely blatant

    i find when i go in the lead my players start making mistake after mistake until i concede.
  12. J

    Patch after effects...

    there is more scripted goals in my club than genuine ones, should be called konami's club.
  13. J

    I'm just not enjoying PES 2016 whatsoever!

    i cant have it because of heavy scripting, why do my players feel really slow, my defenders stop to let the attacker take the ball, the passing is brutal, players making mistakes and having really bad touches, just so my opponent cam pick up the lose balls. i know scripting works both ways but...
  14. J

    I'm just not enjoying PES 2016 whatsoever!

    i only play my club and its absolutely fucked. Konami decide whos gonna win.
  15. J

    Data Pack 1 Released

    Is there no rep or like button i can push?
  16. J

    Scripting in action - extremely blatant

    Its fucking doing my head in, im getting scripted on for 3-4 matches in a row, usually i score first then it all falls apart, lethargic, slow, bad touches so it bounces to another player so they can pick it up. passes going to everyone but my team, easy chances missed, headers going over the...
  17. J

    Patch after effects...

    players sem like theyre running in glue
  18. J

    My advice to PES 2016 owners!

    dont buy it, its a broken mess, you have hardly any control over it.
  19. J

    Scripting in action - extremely blatant

    teams scoring straight from kick off because your team decides to down tools and let them walk thro. this game is getting worse. a lot of goals are coming the same way and its obvious ffs.
  20. J

    Way too many goals.

    Im getting beat 5-0 and he takes of his 3 best players just before half time, i win 6-5 lol