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    Pro Evo 5: What do you want in the next game?

    I would like to reduce the requirement of computer resources while keeping graphic good
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    Need Help(Not complicated)

    dead link maybe Is it *.wmv? If it is, you may try save it first to your harddisk and open it with the software. Could you give an example of the vids so that we can test it. by the way, is DivX player 2.5 the most updated? I don't the updated codec should be 5.x. but don't know about...
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    Pires -CPU can save!!

    agree Indeed, it is. I saw the replay many times but still can't figure out.
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    Femip - Henry Fake Shot for space

    Train the defender pls
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    Shevchenko - standard

    Henry through pass to Shevchenko. He dribble and pass the GK and score. STANDARD Angle 1 -840k Angle 2 - 796k
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    Lampard 56m last second curler

    GK want to break the leg?
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    Rivaldo -626k

    Rivaldo face back to the goal and use left foot outside shot. Here
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    5* CPU Kanu

    Kanu pinball machine here Is it lovely?
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    jayjay76, Maradona First time Curler

    So it is Maradona talent. :)
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    Wonderful control and Volley by Joseph Job

    Great goal there. I seldom have long through pass success.
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    jayjay76, Maradona First time Curler

    Hi mate, nice shot there Which button did you press when you shot?
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    Great swerving volley from Ricketts (29 metres)

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    Castolo dribble then score

    I love te first goal! Are you now using all the mate in the beginning of ML?
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    Pires -CPU can save!!

    Pires -CPU can't save!! Pires free kick. CPU can save even though it know how Pires shot. Angle 1 (466k) Angle 2 (644k)
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    Henry Free Kick (Loads of Curl)

    very nice curling. Do you have video with other camera mode?
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    jayjay76- Pele, distance, halfvolley

    nice! How did you guy have this kind of long volley!
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    crossbar keep-ups x9

    I saw that player. Very funny. The chance is nearly zero to do it.
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    Jairzinho, Platini & Van der Vaart Excelent Long Shots

    All of them are dead link. Pls modify.
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    Amazing save by cpu

    Nice shot and nice save.
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    Simple question