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    best formation

    one of the best formations i have ever used: use the barca formation as a base but change the SS on the right to a RWF and move him out wide as far as possible on the wing then change the central SS to a CF and move him forward a few places then move the left SS forward a few move...
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    boot edit 2006-07

    hey man can you do these for me? <img src=""> cheers
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    Creating The Strongest master league!

    my team GK: Hildebrand, Marshall CB: Kompany and Toure/Luisao SB: Heitinga/Eboue and Clichy/Adriano DMF: Mascherano/Fabregas CMF: Fabregas/Sneijder and Ribery RWF: Walcott/Rooney (I try to avoid playing Rooney on the wing for obvious reasons) LWF: Martins CF: Fernando...
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    You're Master League so far?

    my master league GK-Hildebrand RB-Eboue/Heitinga CB-Kompany CB-Toure LB-Clichy/Gallas DMF-Fabregas CMF-Sneijder AMF/CMF-Ribery RWF-Wright Phillips...
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    boot edit 2006-07

    <img src=""> pic didnt work in the last reply soz
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    boot edit 2006-07

    yeah man got one last request can you do the new ronnydinho boots? <img src""> all i can do is the normal vapour formula with slightly different colours
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    Advanced Formations (Images)

    can anyone suggest a formation for me i play like arsenal with quick short passing and through passing counter attacks im good in the midfield and up front but not great in defence and i like to use the wings something that can be adapted and isnt too complicated thanks
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    boot edit 2006-07

    thanks mate i'll try them out in a bit keep up the good work
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    boot edit 2006-07

    cheers goalgerd the boots look great legend! can you have a go at the lotto zheros mate <img src=""> thanks
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    boot edit 2006-07

    gutted i saw one formula on another thread but they were pretty poor looked like asics without a tounge i managed the stripe down the side and one of the 3 main stripes but that was it its also a pity that on every pro evo released theres a new edition of most boots about 4 weeks after...
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    boot edit 2006-07

    can anyone make the new T units please? ive already searched for the boot formula but cant find it. <img src=""> massive thanks if you can.
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    In Need Of A Young CM

    im surprised no one had mentioned Hleb his stats start good enough, but in about a season hes as good as anyone