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  1. Tallulah Belle

    Crazy Rabona Curl

    Bumping for epicness of old posts
  2. Tallulah Belle

    Halp pleeze

    Ive recently acquired PES 12 after my self imposed banishment to FIFA due to how poor the previous releases have been since PES 6 which was the greatest game ever made. I digress, my query relates to the mater league teams. I can't appear to get rid of the shitty default squads. Can this be...
  3. Tallulah Belle

    *NEW* Hulkamaphone's 2008/09 PES5 OPT v1.3

    I want to get this of to work on my ps3 and no longer have max drive. Is there an easy way to do it?
  4. Tallulah Belle

    Hello everyone

  5. Tallulah Belle

    Hi, to all PES users ;)

    Pleasure to have you
  6. Tallulah Belle


    Recepción al sitio. Esperanza que usted permanece alrededor
  7. Tallulah Belle

    just no!!

  8. Tallulah Belle

    just no!!

    You got booked for swearing and being a pain
  9. Tallulah Belle

    help with editing faces on pes2008 and how do i get a clear picture with new ps eye

    Cos you have bin swearin lke a prper rude boi!!OMG LOL. Search the threads.. Click on the search button at the top and you will find the info you want.
  10. Tallulah Belle

    GTA IV Official Thread - not that it needs one now there is an entire section

    I really hope it does, everything thing else so far has been a bust on ps3
  11. Tallulah Belle

    just no!!

    You only have one post though. I love your name!!
  12. Tallulah Belle

    A Quick Question

    So you plug your headset into the ps3 via the usb ports and this enables you to speak online to chinese people?
  13. Tallulah Belle

    The Freekicks Suck

    Read the book, it will tell you how to take free kicks. Then, pick a random player and edit their stats to 99 for everything to make them super awesome. After that, practice free kicks with the awesome player to make them easy. If you score 3 in a row, move on to someone who is alright but not...
  14. Tallulah Belle

    Developing Players [Cheat]

    We are big on correct use of grammer here
  15. Tallulah Belle

    hey there y'all

    Brap brap
  16. Tallulah Belle

    A Quick Question

    I assume headset you mean Bluetooth headset?
  17. Tallulah Belle

    pls answer me!

    *faggot I couldnt translate the rest of the chav. Not fully lingual in that yet.
  18. Tallulah Belle

    Answer Me Pls

    I really have to get one of these eyetoy thingys. Wanna put Michael Jackson in the game.
  19. Tallulah Belle

    new england shirt

    Top work that. Shame it looks so god awful