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  1. Kiruk

    Seabass = what a noob

    People have to a tendency to not rate players as all time greats until 10-20 years have passed for some reason, but you must remember most players that played in the 60's and 70's, possible even 80's would have a real hard time if they were to play against todays players.
  2. Kiruk

    How To Stop Headers!!!!!!!!!

    Super-cancel or use RB/R2 to position yourself, this is particularly important on corners. A lot of players will not do anything until the corner is taken, instead you should switch players until you get one of your CB's and position them in the best way possible. :)
  3. Kiruk

    Master League Loan negotiations!!!

    When you set them to available for transfer clubs will both offer to buy and loan them. :)
  4. Kiruk

    What position will you play in Become a Legend?

    DMF/CMF for me, surprisingly few Center Forwards here.
  5. Kiruk


    I'm quite sure I saw Seabass talking about making the crowds more realistic.
  6. Kiruk

    New Good Players On Pes 2009?

    On the Ronaldo discussion: You must remember that his shooting stats where this and that before the season started. Concerning free kicks, he's not that good really, got a couple of nice ones, but mostly they hit the wall or goes wide. So I'd say something in the lower 80's for accuracy would be...
  7. Kiruk

    Face input

    You don't happen to have a link or picture of it?
  8. Kiruk

    Things you could add to PES

    Would be a nice touch yeah, as you make substitutes players will have to warm up for say 2-5 in game minutes before coming on to the pitch.
  9. Kiruk

    New Good Players On Pes 2009?

    Atleast best at what he does. Things like technique, speed, acceleration, dribbling. I still think there are more complete players who possess some of the defensive skills CR doesn't. He isn't bad at shooting, heading and free kicks, but there are still several who are better than him. It would...
  10. Kiruk

    New Good Players On Pes 2009?

    Dos Santos, Jo, Geovanni, Kompany, Richards, Riera, Anderson, Nani. Are the ones I can think of right now, basically every known youngster who's done as good as people expected.
  11. Kiruk

    Things you could add to PES

    Have been thinking the same thing, but I think PES' "credit" might be quite close to the british poundx100. Top bid is 60 000, I'm guessing this something around 600million. I think this makes sense when you look at how much players cost. Take for instance F. Torres who I had to pay 28 000 for...
  12. Kiruk

    online voice chat?

    As long as I can mute it, I don't care.
  13. Kiruk

    champions league teams?

    Surely, if PES can use teams in CL they will get real kits etc for ML as well? Would be odd if there were such restrictions.
  14. Kiruk

    Master league how you have it

    Cups (like FA Cup) and league. No transfers. Basically, it sucks...
  15. Kiruk

    Master league how you have it

    When starting a new game for say the english league, put your self in division 1 and make one of the other three leagues have a division 2. You don't get to play division 2, but atleast the teams in your league will be the real ones.
  16. Kiruk

    Things you could add to PES

    Yes, porn and naked girls Lfc-fan-club, we get it. Things to add, well, like ]Nike[ says gameplay, then everything else. Other than that some licenses, new leages, teams and new stadiums would be nice. Improved menus (Which by the looks we get in 2009) and even more in depth manager mode-ish...
  17. Kiruk

    Which do you prefer.....

    But if you don't play with the player names at the bottom, you won't notice how tired they are? Might not matter if you're not playing with accumulated fatigue, but still?
  18. Kiruk

    champions league teams?

    That south american teams will be in the game doesn't mean that they will be able to take part in CL?
  19. Kiruk

    Which do you prefer.....

    Also, it's waay off topic. It depends on the team if I use the cursor names or not. If I've just started ML with a mediocre team I put it on since I can't recognize who they are just by looking at them, when I've played with them for a while I turn it off again.