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  1. SeasideMonky

    Von Option File (V2.04 NOW ONLINE - 2009/10 Season Update)

    Hey Muff man, are you creating the promoted teams?? Wolves et al. I've tried but I'm crap at it and gave in lol Cheers
  2. SeasideMonky

    [PS3] PesMaster Option File (INCLUDING PROMOTED TEAMS)

    Hey Fella, This sounds good but the link on the first page isnt showing a file?? Could it be uploaded anywhere else?? EDIT** Forget that, just re clicked it and the v3.3 is showing now!! Just installin on the PS now!!
  3. SeasideMonky

    [PS3] Classic 90's option file

    are these just the updates from the original file posted?? or do i have to reinstall everything is this dl??
  4. SeasideMonky

    [PS3] Classic 90's option file

    ey all, only just got round to installin the first version and cant believe how good this is. i knew it was going to be but there is a reality in havin installed it that makes it better. wicked OF
  5. SeasideMonky

    [PS3] Classic 90's option file

    Yeah mate. When is this masterpiece going to be available?? I cant wait to start a 90's league. I grew up in the 90's so this is the era I love mor3 than any other. Thanks in advance for all the hard work that everyone has put in.
  6. SeasideMonky

    [PS3] Classic 90's option file

    Is there a 90's Liverpool team on here seein as they cant be edited. Would love to play a game with McManaman, Fowler, Redknapp, Barnes, Rush et al.
  7. SeasideMonky

    Von Option File (V2.04 NOW ONLINE - 2009/10 Season Update)

    mine did that aswell initially. Then i clicked on 'no' when it asked if you want to overwrite the existing file. that should do the trick!
  8. SeasideMonky

    Classic Club Teams OF

    What teams are going to be in the file?? I know it was previous CL/Euro Cup winners and then the stand out teams from domestic leagues (I saw Arsenal 99 altho in the JVC kit in the pictures). I look forward to your replay and to the file. Cheers Howard and LFC
  9. SeasideMonky

    Classic Liverpool and Classic Manchester Utd

    links for stats and apps I would put McManaman at RM tbh but he was a wizard across the midfield. Can't believe he went on a free but at least he saw out a contract. Honourable gentleman. Man Utd need Cantona. I'm sure everyone has there own opinion but i can't see much fault in your...
  10. SeasideMonky

    Classic Club Teams OF

    so is there any chance of a list of the teams that are in the file?? Cheers guys
  11. SeasideMonky

    I Need Some Ps3 Faces

    follow the link Hey Mate. This (Link at bottom) was posted on here ages ago and its currently in my favourites on my laptop so can jus sit here and edit PES easily. Follow the link (bottom of page) and sign up to PESFan (or log in) Hope this helps Laters...
  12. SeasideMonky

    Championship Allstar Xi

    hows out one player per team to make it a bit more interestin?? and then from the 24 players a team could be made??
  13. SeasideMonky

    Updated Stat Website/Forum

    hey thanks ollie. jus what i needed as well. spent most the night editing and the boys comin round for the match tomorrow so no doubt will crack pes on at some point for a mini tourno
  14. SeasideMonky

    Savio Nsereko???

    there ya go mate
  15. SeasideMonky

    Appearance Request Thread!!

    hey guys. for those that requested al habsi, tosic, ljajic, bougherra and fellaini there are some awesome faces at the link below laters
  16. SeasideMonky

    Classic Club Teams OF

    Blackpool '53 Hey LFCP, I know I requested this a while back but I have the Blackpool team for the 1953 FA Cup Final. See link below. I have 3 other requests based on what you said about previous CL winnin teams. Ajax 95, Juve 96 and Milan 90. All links to squads below. Please let...
  17. SeasideMonky

    Classic Club Teams OF

    Blackpool '53 How's about the Blackpool 53 FA Cup Winnin Squad?? Stanley Matthews - Need I Say more Bill Perry - Legend Stan Mortensen - Only player to score a HAT TRICK in the FA cup Final
  18. SeasideMonky

    Classic Club Teams OF

    Is everyone forgettin about West Auckland?? Winners of 'The First World Cup' ie The Sir Thomas Lipton Trophy. Wolves in the 50's were the first team to have floodlights installed so held a pre season mini tournament at Molineux consisting of Spartak Moscow, Racing Club of Argentina and...
  19. SeasideMonky

    Championship option file (PS3)

    Blackpool We not big enough I'm afraid whereas Forest and Swansea who only jus got promoted are. Also the 7 or 8 teams below have a higher precedent than little blackpool. That said a Version 2 was being released with left out teams. Don't know if thats still happenin now tho.
  20. SeasideMonky

    Championship option file (PS3)

    V2 Hey hey AC2202. Is there a release date for V2 yet mate? How's about some screenshots?! Also about ur Blue Square OF, that sounds grand but here is a suggestion. Why not take random teams from each league, including SPL, based on what demand you have from members of the forum. Take...