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  1. yr970255

    I have had my last straw with PES '16!

    The way i look at it is if you have a game where so many feautures that have an "effect" on gameplay...i mean the Master League is full of them. Youre going to be in for a very scripted game. Konami simply aren't able to add the balance or maybe just dont put the effort in make it all work. It...
  2. yr970255

    where am i going wrong

    I'm still getting to grips with shooting myself and definitely find slowing to a jog helpful just before and attempt on goal. Also another tip I learnt, don't know if anyone knows this already but double tapping shoot when volleying produces some amazing finishes. Especially from headed out...
  3. yr970255

    What are you going to do first?

    I usually go to training and mess about for 5 minutes or so taking a few long shots and free kicks. Then play a friendly with England vs Ze Germans.
  4. yr970255

    What is the difficulty level in which you play in?

    Top Player...I go straight to the hardest level when i purchase any Pro Evo, but then i've been playing them since ISS on PS1.
  5. yr970255

    Rainbow Six Vegas 2

    Im a big fan of the series and i think this version looks bigger and better than the last one. good to see they added the ability to sprint aswell.
  6. yr970255

    All Time Favorite PES

    PES 2 for me. I still take it out now and again for a couple games.
  7. yr970255

    Pes7 Will Have 13 Fully Licensed Leagues ???

    They did the same thing on here before Pro4 or 5 and it ended up being an April fools joke.
  8. yr970255

    Pes7 Will Have 13 Fully Licensed Leagues ???

    Probobaly an April fools....
  9. yr970255

    which keeper?

    Van Der Sar gives me the most trouble.
  10. yr970255

    We Want New Features For 2007!

    Bruv, he's been here much longer than you...people should check the date joined before calling people noobs just because they don't have 50,000 posts.
  11. yr970255

    One last gasp...

    I've been playing pes2 aswell and i agree to it being the best in the series too.
  12. yr970255

    0 minutes, 2 touches and Man Of the Match.

    Ha, he does'nt even have a rating.
  13. yr970255

    Hidden Low Cross

    I use that cross all the time, find quite usefull.
  14. yr970255

    Whats up with the player ratings?

    i know what you mean mate, i once played a match on bigginer for a laugh to see how many goals i could score in 10 mins. Ronaldo scored 8 and Adriano 9 but they both received an 8.5.:huh:
  15. yr970255

    Favourite player of all PES series ?

    M'Boma-iss evolution, 8 goal debut on hardest level. Batistuta-my best goal scorer Ronaldo-iss 98 his pace was crazy.
  16. yr970255

    Naming Replays

    Cheers, never new that.
  17. yr970255

    WE10 Passing System is reaaaally bad!

    I agree with scenario B but i'd noticed that scince Pro 3.
  18. yr970255

    List of underrated and overrated players.

    Underated:Kuyt, Quaresma, Fabregas, Andreson, Van Persie Overated:Fat Ron, Adriano, Owen
  19. yr970255

    What's my ProEvo5 got against Darren Bent??

    Same as me...bergkamp got a hat-trick but the third went to my keeper.:huh:
  20. yr970255

    Anyone want me to type out the review of Fifa 07?

    But that video is of 2006, the sign boards say fifa 06 on them and i've seen fifa 07 vids on youtube and it's definantly made an improvement.