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    [LEAGUE] The Bundesliga Creation Thread 2016/17

    I have to found Lewandowski on Youtube
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    [EXPORTS] Share Teams Thread

    Panathinakos option file please :)
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    [LEAGUE] The Bundesliga Creation Thread 2016/17 the best version of Lewandowski
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    [LEAGUE] The Bundesliga Creation Thread 2016/17

    very good Martinez , can You make Lewandowski? is not easy...
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    [Tournament] UEFA Euro 2016

    Here is a Version by Manuelito Capigliatura : normale corti +2 alti davanti dx2 tipo 1 normale lati rasati tipo 3 col. 7 Pelle :1+4+2+1+0+5 Occhi : +4+2+7 azzurri +7/3/2+4-1-3-1-6+0-2-6-5 Fronte : 2/1+1+0+3 capelli +2+7-6+7+2 Naso : 1-2+0-2+4+0/3 Bocca : 3/1-4+1+0-4-1 Barba : no Guance ...
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    [Tournament] UEFA Euro 2016

    maybe You have right...but We pay for Pes the same money like Fifa...and PES don't have license for England Premiership,Bundesliga and a lot of European Leagues and stadiums..... don't have money for creating free agents and put player without club too ? this ha ha :)
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    [Tournament] UEFA Euro 2016

    Someone in Konami - Pro Evolution Soccer team is "very stupied" or "lazy" ...they create faces than delete it, next create and deleted...i think My 10 years old Son know there is non sense for this situations. In Fifa developer put the player in free agents and this is okay. But Konami always...
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    [Tournament] UEFA Euro 2016

    hope someone wants to make Poland national tema player faces :) like Kapustka ,Pazdan... :)
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    [LEAGUE] The Bundesliga Creation Thread 2015/16

    mee to....i don't have Durm..this is very agents...Konami delete
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    [KITS] Angeltorero Kits

    Belgian away t shirt have problem with chest number
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    Serie A Faces

    Hello i found very god player faces from Serie A by Manuelito You can check this on facebook or Youtube
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    [Faces & Kits] Faces by Homer S. :)
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    Brazilian Team Player names

    thanks! Romario is better than Ronaldo ?;)
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    [Faces & Kits] Faces by Homer S. Boksic
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    [Faces & Kits] Faces by Homer S. :)
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    [Faces & Kits] Faces by Homer S.

    !!!!!!:) Homer Homer Homer thank You very much!!! danke schon :). When I was Young Boksic was My idol :). I think this is good idea to create Old legend :). Maybe Del Piero , Klinsmann and kits which Player play the friendy game before world cup is starterd Europe vs World match :). Once...
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    Brazilian Team Player names

    thanks!:) maybe You know who make faces for player for this team? I didin't see Ronaldinho :/
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    [OTHER TEAMS EUROPE] Creation Thread 2015/16 [PS3]

    Can You make the same for Fenerbache and Besiktas?
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    Brazilian Team Player names

    Hellou No every team from Brazilian league has correct player names. Its any chance to somebody write real names for brazilian tem which not licensed ? like Fluminense,Gremio etc. maybe someone know site with correct names ? David