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    Incorrect Line Calls

    i have noticed this too a lot
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    myclub sim mode - using low rated players on bench to lower team level

    why do people bother using a really low rated bench so they can field a really strong team with a low rated team level? so you can have team with the likes ronaldo, van perise, koke etc.. on a team level rating of 1 which makes it really easy to beat proper team level 1 teams with rubbish...
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    how the hell do people like fifa 15?

    but a lot of it comes down to marketing and certain youtubers promoting the junk to their sad little devoted fanbase (no lifers), i'm not fanboy of pes or any gaming franchise for that matter but i can't believe people buy such a mediocre football game in fifa 15, it's disappointing to realize...
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    how the hell do people like fifa 15?

    i finally played the full version this week and i have to say it gives me a greater appreciation for pes15, it is awful with the players movement and weightlessness, it plays more like an ice hokey game than a football one for me, easports must have a great marketing team to sell this heap of...
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    What Do You Want In PES16?

    they should make taking penalties just like taking a normal shoot at goal as if your running onto a ball placed in the middle of the box to hit.
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    Next step Game play to crush FIFA

    they need to make the players have free movement or at least have it be an option for more advanced players, i'm fed up of running on railway tracks and having to keep using super cancel to have free movement of my players. they also need to add player roles(like in fifa) along with team...
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    Rainbow Flick Skill Logic?! Nope...

    yes i hate how it's implemented in the game, it really cheapens the gameplay and has me steering away from online play with strangers, what were the makers of the game thinking about?
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    how to raise 100 myclub coins without paying for them?

    i want to get guardiola whilst he's up during the champions league themed week on myclub but short by 100 myclub coins, i've completed the achievements but noticed i got rewarded with 50 club coins for signing my 100th player, are there other similar rewards like this?
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    Losing Interest without squad update

    i barely play the game lately and i'm thinking about selling my copy, pes really have to sort out the edit mode with players, kits and stadiums in the next game on the ps4 for me to think about buying it
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    credit card abuse ruins myClub

    they should set up separate ranked matches for non credit card users and credit card users.
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    I like PES but Konami fix these things!!!!

    why did they have to make the rainbow flick so damn easy to pull off!
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    Good game but stamina disgraceful

    i can't believe they still haven't fixed this, how hard is it to extend the stamina by another 20 minutes in matches
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    NEW! Combinate Agent to get a Black Ball!

    i had the combination to get honda of ac milan and ended up getting some random african left back?
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    Eljero Elia

    what's the reason for taking the players out of the game, could they not just put them as free agents?
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    cpu just passing the ball around the back, boring as hell

    it happens a lot, to give you a scenario i was winning 2-1 in the champions league final against atletico madrid in master league and i was also down to ten men after 76th minute and all the cpu did for the last 10 minutes was pass back and forth between midfield and defence in their own half...
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    getting kagawa after the 2.00 patch

    yeah so basically if i had just brought the game and had no internet connection the game wouldn't be able to add any patches and he would still be in the game and i would be able to copy the base of him before adding the updated squad patches, problem is it seems like i would have to delete...
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    getting kagawa after the 2.00 patch

    nah, i'm talking about how kagawa was actually in the game before they started updating the transfers and now he's vanished, i'm wondering how i can get back to original players before the transfer patches were done without having to reset everything losing all my progress so far in the game...
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    getting kagawa after the 2.00 patch

    how do i go about getting kagawa back in the game along with the likes of kalou? i read that you have to reset everything but i don't want to lose my myclub team that i've built up
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    whats your best players so far???

    i can now add griezmann and neymar to my list thanks to the la liga competition cup :D
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    cpu just passing the ball around the back, boring as hell

    with the playstation network down i got stuck into master league over christmas and one huge problem i'm picking up on is even when the cpu are losing 1 or 2 - 0, instead of trying to get a goal back they just pass it back and forth between their midfield and defence, i don't even have to apply...