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  1. AdnanMessi

    Kitserver error.

    Before I get started, if this is in the wrong area, then please move or lock it. Now then, I have not been on this site for about 4 months, and I might have missed a lot. but everytime I install kitserver I get this This is my layout. What should/can I do?
  2. AdnanMessi

    All National Teams in the World Patch

    Are some kits from the world cup, like spains new kits and frances?
  3. AdnanMessi

    PES 2010 PC problems

    Try using CCleaner or another software? I'm using a really old toshiba laptop like dido and it works great
  4. AdnanMessi

    Chelsea, Underrated team

    Unrelated, but man of the year (Messi) was rated 86 in his RW position
  5. AdnanMessi

    sammy_k_84's Option File (including Championship and missing CL teams)

    Holy shit... My hero, also welcome back to me :D, haven't been on this site for a while
  6. AdnanMessi

    I GOT my copy. Review of a Veteran PES player

    Show us the bosnian jerseys
  7. AdnanMessi

    PES 2010 - Stadiums and Boots Video

    Oh didn'\t see that lol
  8. AdnanMessi

    List of teams Vid

    Thankfully I know all Bosnian players lol, any Bosna jersey screens?
  9. AdnanMessi

    PES 2010 - Stadiums and Boots Video The stadiums are looking really nice, they actually look different now, as for boots, I am certainly happy with the custom traits of boots, and the showing of materials. You can give certain players certain boots, like MEssi's F50...
  10. AdnanMessi

    Pes 2010 edit mode videos!!!!

    I am from bosnia, I know how they are a joylol
  11. AdnanMessi

    Pes 2010 edit mode videos!!!!

    Oh man, I really want Bosnian national kit, If we are going to be in World Cup, we need the jersey! But on Xbox360 I supposes it would suck with no real emblem
  12. AdnanMessi

    PES 2010 - Stars of La Liga M.Caceres is in Juventus!. But all in all, great faces, though victor sanchez looks like a girl And pepe is a fish Damn Automerge
  13. AdnanMessi

    Pes 2010 edit mode videos!!!!

    Yeah, I love how they have that many options for all club's jerseys, like Man U's V shaped thing and the back of their jersey and Barca's 09-10 special stripes and many more And Black jerseys are actually black now!, not greyish
  14. AdnanMessi

    Pes 2010 edit mode videos!!!!

    Part 1: Part 2: So....Much.......Options Also, the shorts and sleeves move a little when you rotate NO FUCKING EMBLEMS
  15. AdnanMessi

    PES 2010 - Stars of Serie A

    I want muntari to score, his face looks pissed! He scores but he will be mad
  16. AdnanMessi

    PES 2010 - Stars of Serie A The faces are SWEET
  17. AdnanMessi

    Final List of Licensed Teams??

    I hope Bosnia has the real jerseys, and some real players
  18. AdnanMessi

    PES 2010: Manchester United and Man City - Screens of all players

    I couldn't find Ireland, Or Tevez
  19. AdnanMessi

    PES 2010 Crowds aren't what Konami promised them to be?

    I find the crowds at home really great, but at away they are horrible
  20. AdnanMessi

    pes 2010 vs. fifa 10 screens comparison

    No, X is Ch Like Txigrynsky is Chygrinsky and Txixi is Chichi