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    [ALL] PES5 Watson V4.0 Option File: Season 2006/2007 Update

    Could someone give me a guide on how to use a BIN/CUE file
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    [ALL] PES5 Watson V4.0 Option File: Season 2006/2007 Update

    Can anyone post up some pictures of the option file for me please
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    help arsenal fans

    Arsenal kit No collar base colour 22,7,6 Part 1 column 1 row 3 31,26,2 Part 2 column 1 row 11 31,31,31 Part 3 column 1 row 28 31,31,31 Part 4 column 3 row 10 31,26,2 Shorts column 3 row 10 (31,31,31) (22,7,6) (31,31,31) (22,7,6) Socks column 1 row 2 (22,7,6) (31,26,2)...
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    Appearance and Stats Request thread (Classic Players Included)

    Please may I have the player faces for Watford and Sheffield United but not the stats coz I already have them
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    help arsenal fans

    I agree that would be an easy kit to do but I can post up how to do it later if you still want it