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  1. ih8puppies

    GTA: China Town Wars for the DS 20th March

    Been playing it on my CycloDS. (naughty naughty) Have to say, Im enjoying it a lot more than IV
  2. ih8puppies

    What games are you waiting for?

    Friday 19th June, also released is the Blu-Ray of Ghostbusters that week of which I will also purchase. All I need now is a midnight opening at Game, a proton pack, jumpsuit and the scene is set!
  3. ih8puppies

    What Games Should We Avoid?

    Going by what Ive played of the demo. Legends of Wrestlemania. What a fucking ape cunt of a game this is. I havent played any wrestling games since Here Comes The Pain but what the fuck have they done to gameplay? Press a button when it flashes up? Make a chain? Fucks sake
  4. ih8puppies

    What games are you waiting for?

    That was an awful game looking back. Especially the big bobbleheaded characters and no Winstone! Ive not bought a game on launch day since GTA IV. But with Ghostbusters Ive booked the friday and saturday off just like I did the Tuesday and Wednesday for GTA IV This game warrants time off work!!
  5. ih8puppies

    What games are you waiting for?

    Ghostbusters: The Video Game If it plays piss poor then Im not fussed, just after the story really.
  6. ih8puppies

    Final Fantasy XIII

    Me too dude, running home after school in year 6, just to get at least 6 hours a night of FF7. How corny!
  7. ih8puppies

    HAHA not for long FIFA my old friend lol

    Im kind of miffed with the amount of time I spent editing the old PES games for them to now produce mediocre titles. So instead I now get a completley finished product in terms of gameplay, innovation and presentation with the FIFA games.
  8. ih8puppies

    Official PES 2009 Demo Feedback

    Because I can judge it from 10 minutes play.
  9. ih8puppies

    Official PES 2009 Demo Feedback

    Played it on 360 and PS3 just now, never thought Id be buying a FIFA game two years in a row, 5 years ago. Same old robotic 8 direction movements, I was hoping that would be sorted out, with it being my main gripe over the years with the series.
  10. ih8puppies

    Mr Gee!

    Mr Gee!
  11. ih8puppies

    FIFA 09 demo Impressions

    I agree. It seems too arcade-ish. I liked the feel of FIFA 08' a lot better.
  12. ih8puppies


    I remember my friend and I waiting for Pokemon Red and Blue (respectivley) to come out when I was in year 7/8 at High School. Oh how I was suckered into that fad I can tell you!
  13. ih8puppies

    GTA IV Official Thread - not that it needs one now there is an entire section

    apparently the embargo has been lifted
  14. ih8puppies

    uefa euro 2008

    In my opinion if you add Fifa 08' with UEFA 2008 you'd get somewhere bang on PES gameplay. I think theyve cracked it!
  15. ih8puppies

    Underrated games!

    Brilliant game. I rented it from Blockbuster and didn't realise Id put a cheat code into it which helped me complete it!
  16. ih8puppies

    Are games getting worse??

    Understandably, I enjoyed the original ISS games on the Playstation more than I do the current PES series.
  17. ih8puppies

    Are games getting worse??

    I am a gamer who isn't bothered about graphics, a game more focussed on gameplay win's me over. I own a DS and have had more fun on that than I did my xbox and ps2. A prime example this year was PES 2008, too many fault's with the gameplay such as the amazingly crap keepers and controlling...
  18. ih8puppies

    dear premier league, please read-

    The Premier League should look at how their corporate ways are damaging football in England instead of little option files of how people are wanting to see how football should be played.
  19. ih8puppies

    Nintendo DS Lite

    The DS worth more time than my 360. Ive got one of them multi card's. Ill post the link to your inbox to where I bought it mate.
  20. ih8puppies

    Zelda game named 'greatest ever'

    Final Fantasy X was awful, it put me off RPG's for a long time.