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  1. David P


    Gamertag/ID: DaveP01 Console:Ps3 Online Games: Call Of Duty 4, PES 2008, NFS Street
  2. David P

    FM Summer Update

    Thanks mate, downloading now ;)
  3. David P

    What are you currently playing?

    As we speak/type Scarface, im loving it!
  4. David P

    Gamestation review on Fifa 07, stating this is the season that Konami need to worry!

    Well all i can say is that i did buy Fifa07, now my 7 year old brother owns what was mine. They have actually improved the game though the minor tweaks soon wear off and your'e reminded it's the same old EA & same old Fifa. My reason for buying 07 was due to the reviews from gamestation. Next...
  5. David P

    Gamestation review on Fifa 07, stating this is the season that Konami need to worry!

    Gamestation review... Will EA's FIFA 07 have the legs to challenge Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer 6 this time around? The answer to that question looks like being a firm yes. Of course, this version of the FIFA series is the most extensive to date with 27 leagues from 20 nations, which...
  6. David P

    Hi there!

    Welcome mate, all the info you desire is here;)
  7. David P

    Difference in gameplay pes5 vs pes6

    The AI seems to have improved greatly, defenders pushing forwards wide etc.There also didn't seem to be those straggling defenders dissapearing and leaving almighty holes at the back.
  8. David P

    Difference in gameplay pes5 vs pes6

    I understand where your coming from, though the footage i was looking at in PSW issue 86 some of the gameplay was done at walking pace with slow build up play. All we can do is wait and see to be honest ( im sure they wont let us down );)
  9. David P

    Difference in gameplay pes5 vs pes6

    There's a difference in fluency and pace. If you want to run around like a headless chicken you can, but after watching the demos you can also play a slow passing game!
  10. David P

    Difference in gameplay pes5 vs pes6

    I purchased the latest PSW mag which clips of PES6 and it looked immense. The gameplay looks very fluent and the animations are spot on, it is a little quicker though i'll say again very fluent looking.;)
  11. David P

    will the stadiums actually be full on pes6?

    The french sites i was looking at showed HIGHBURY!
  12. David P

    Difference in gameplay pes5 vs pes6

    PES5 to fast?? c'mon guys.
  13. David P

    FIFA 07 tricks

    I own Fifa 07 at the moment and to be honest it will be traded in when Pro6 is released. Time and time again EA get it all wrong, the gameplay is still terrible. Sound Licences etc top notch but scoring the same old goals and dodgey gameplay ( as usual ) make all the licences worth nothing...
  14. David P

    Should Ibrox, Hampden and Parkhead be in future PES? And more spl teams?

    Ibrox,Parkhead & Hampden DEFO! Hearts i wont mention on. The reality is if they would just add all the leagues or most, and get those licences sorted we would all be happy. Sort it Konami !
  15. David P

    WSAG V3 Beta Testers Discussion Thread

    Sorry to but in guys, but one of you really need to do some research on the Rangers & Celtic squads appearances etc etc.. especially the Rangers squad. If you need any help with these just let me know;)
  16. David P

    Your best goal scorer for ML?

    Thierry Henry - 37..Arsenal Dado Prso - 26..Rangers Kris Boyd - 18..Rangers ( same season as Prso's 26 )
  17. David P

    [ALL] dwevans OF V3 - January Transfers [PES5 & WE9i]

    Does this file include 06/07 kit updates? i.e. Arsenal,Chelsea,Rangers etc..
  18. David P

    [ALL] WSAG Evolution V2.5 Option File

    Cheers mate, i'll have a look;)
  19. David P

    [ALL] WSAG Evolution V2.5 Option File

    Bluescouse.... I had a few friends round the other night and we all decided to play a world cup. Everything was going fine until my friend noticed that his Brazil kit had NAT written accross the badge, then came his second game and every top had robinho written accross it in white writing...
  20. David P

    PS3 - Launch Date and price announced !

    I have already put the money aside for it, though i'll be adding an extra £100 and go for the 60 gig.