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    Option File(s) Where we stand.

    I think PesUniverse released an option file today with a MLS and J-League inside. I'm not for one who would personally pay but that's just me.... :)
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    Option File(s) Where we stand.

    I've not tried but wouldn't exporting, updating and then importing the team fix this?
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    Option File(s) Where we stand.

    I replaced mine with Red Star Belgrade.
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    Option File(s) Where we stand.

    I have created my own 7 European teams. Mixing and matching teams from others just causes issues. I may release them if people want them but I don't have kits for them all. I have put a request in. Have to see if someone fulfils it.
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    The PES 2020 Request Thread

    After seeing the issues mixing and matching exporting teams from different creators causes, I decided to create my own seven European teams. So, if any finds any kits for... 1. Malmo FF 2. CFR Cluj 3. FC Astana 4. Ludogorets Then please let me know. I will even take last years kits. I do...
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    The PES 2020 Request Thread

    Thanks for the link. I don't mind if they are out a date. I wouldn't know a current kit from an old one so these will do. Cheers. :)
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    The PES 2020 Request Thread

    If anyone sees any kits for Rosenborg BK, please let me know. :)
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    The PES 2020 Request Thread

    No its impossible. You'll have to make to with Konami's DLC next month.
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    Other European teams.

    I had to skip the above two as they overwrote two Bundesliga teams I downloaded. I have since created my own versions of Salzburg and Red Star. I shall upload them soon incase anyone needs them.
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    The PES 2020 Request Thread

    He doesn't have one as he was added via live update. He was last in PES 2017 and he had a face then. They will most likely use that one in the next DLC pack. Its not the best face but better than nothing....
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    Export teams pes 2020

    I have just finished creating my own Red Bull Salzburg.
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    Dumbed Down Classic Teams Exports

    Thanks for the link. :)
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    Dumbed Down Classic Teams Exports

    Is this a thing for the PS4? I'm yet too see anything yet. Thanks for the upload btw. :)
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    The PES 2020 Request Thread

    If anyone see's any created teams for the Other European/Latin America let us know. :)
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    [PLAYERS] Incorrect transfers and numbers

    I expected them to miss some from the update. But, I guess the live update coming this Thursday to clear up most the European ones... It tend to stop applying live updates after two/three weeks of the transfer window closing as most mistakes should be sorted by then. :)
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    The PES 2020 Request Thread

    If anyone has seen a fixed list anywhere for all the fake national team player names, please let me know. :)
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    [KITS] Meiji Yasuda J1 League All Kits by @NikoAlbiore

    Has no-one anywhere done the Japanese J-League yet?
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    [PC/PS4] WEHK Option File/Export Data

    No-one has done a list of all the fake national teams. I've seen correct versions of Bosnia & Serbia, but not the rest of the world. :)
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    [PS4] Legends offline

    I don't have the game yet what legends are unlocked in this file?
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    [PS4] FBNZ optionFile 2018 (BUNDESLIGA, CSL, MLS)

    No-one has made a MLS yet have they?