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  1. Kiwin1908

    My Champions League Campaign...

    Nice thread. I will be looking forward to the rest of the games. And your point is?
  2. Kiwin1908

    IGN Review

    Obviously, they scored FIFA 9.5
  3. Kiwin1908

    Completely outdated rosters

    I'd rather recieve a game with a lack of transfers, than with a lack of gameplay stuff. I'd rather have Konami working on that aspect sooner than later. As others have mentioned, correting even just the most important few transfers yourself doesn't take long.
  4. Kiwin1908

    Your copy of PES 2012 has now been shipped.

    Got a mail today, letting me know they've shipped my PES 2012 copy. With a lot of luck it will arrive tomorrow. Otherwise It'll be in my mailbox on friday when I get home from work. Who else is waiting for their pre order?
  5. Kiwin1908

    23 man squad under 80

    In that case. Check out this link It's a list over players who's overall stat will rise when played in another position. Some players will go as far as a +10 overall stat increase when played in their off position.
  6. Kiwin1908

    a few questions

    You can select up to two players yo join your attacks. It is in the Set-Piece option. Just select who ever you want, and they will join in on corners and most freekicks within a certain area of the opposition goal.
  7. Kiwin1908

    23 man squad under 80

    Enter Master League Online > Go to player transfers > advanced search > select chosen position for player > set maximum overall rating to 79 > knock yourself out. Atleast that's what i would do-
  8. Kiwin1908

    Which Formation For Somebody With Limited Footy Knowledge?

    The best advice i can give you is: Try out different ones. 4-4-2. 4-5-1. 4-3-3 etc. What works best for you? what kind of playstyle do you play? Defensive counter attacking? Possesion football? It all comes down to what kind of player you are.
  9. Kiwin1908

    Why Was I Paired Against This Player in MLO?

    Playing against people with strong teams gives you a shit load of cash though :) I managed a 0-0 against a D1 guy and I got 240K after the game. And often the people from D1,2,3 aren't MLG pro, they just have a good team. Just mark their key players (Usually CR7 or Arshavin)
  10. Kiwin1908

    MLO Newbies?

    I have unchecked the option to play similar levelled players. So I've been put up against a few D1,2,3 players (I'm in D4) Which is a good thing for me really, unless I play on a sunday night and want promotion. I played a D1 guy 0-0 and I ended up getting 240k cash for it! A normal win against...
  11. Kiwin1908

    MLO Newbies?

    when you start out in D5, you will meet new guys like yourself with poor players, and you will meet guys with 500+ games and great players, but who just suck at the game. Finding cheap players is easy really, since there are so many to choose from. however the popular players will have a highly...
  12. Kiwin1908

    Best Master League Signings

    neymar is in the game though. as a purchasable player from the pes shop.
  13. Kiwin1908

    plzz help !!!!!!

    i would probably just delete all the files, then just download it again. It's hard to say what is the problem with the info you give right now really.
  14. Kiwin1908

    plzz help !!!!!!

    What option file do you have currently?
  15. Kiwin1908

    Help me about ml

    Looks like he purchased that thing from the pes shop. enabling you to start with maximum cash.
  16. Kiwin1908

    plzz help !!!!!!

    What I would do in that situation is, delete all the files. To clean it all up. Sounds like your files are messed up in a way. Download a new OF. and just start all over. There is a WENB option file for bles 20 which is pretty good. They provide a step by step guide on how to install it and all...
  17. Kiwin1908

    The 'How are you doing in MLO' thread

    Played around 200+ games now. Still have not managed to get into the final 16 in a competition. even though i win 3 consecutive games. 5 minutes is just too little time to win more than 1-0 for me sadly. Sitting at 508 points right now. so wont be promoted to D3 tomorrow it seems. My team: GK...
  18. Kiwin1908

    Music during gameplay issue?

    sounds like a chant issue of some kind. do you have any chants changed or anything?
  19. Kiwin1908

    Your Favourite "Less than Brilliant" players?

    Rosina. He is my go-to guy when attacking, he is a beast as a left winger and I am getting pretty decent with him when cutting in on the pitch, he makes a tons of assists and he is a good dead ball shooter aswell. easily my best signing in MLO by far.
  20. Kiwin1908

    how many classics do you have?

    Have everything, it's easy if you play online alot.