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  1. Z

    SM PATCH (All Updates)

    currently using the SoulMirror PES 2010 v2.7 patch, with 2.7.1 option file, and I must repeat, best patch I have yet seen. thanks!
  2. Z

    SM PATCH (All Updates)

    so many ppl cannot have the same problem. I mean, many ppl cannot make the same mistake right? what are the chances? nil:erm: i think the issue is with specific files/computers, dunno:unsure: anyway, soulmirror just updated the patch to v2.6 just now....gonna download and use...:cool:
  3. Z

    SM PATCH (All Updates)

    SoulMirror, :happy: ur PES 2010 patches are by far the best i have yet seen, and it completely amazes me why most people don't use your files OR why there are not many comments and replies on your topics. My questions are: What/Who is Kerlon? Destro? TechGuyatNY says game crashes with them...
  4. Z

    waiting, waiting..for OF, gameplay fix...

    Hey guys, im new here, names Zuhair Reza, from Bangladesh. (but im in the US atm!:cool:) I play PES 2010 on my pc, and basically, Im just waiting for a good edited option file (with Bundesliga, all correct player names and transfers, correct emblems/logos, new kits, etc), before I go ahead and...
  5. Z

    sammy_k_84's Option File (including Championship and missing CL teams)

    SAMMY SAMMY SAMMY HUURRAAH!! I been using your PES 09 files for quite some time...they were good. THNXS FOR THIS!! HURRAH!
  6. Z

    [PC] PES 2009 SMoKE Patch 1.7

    Rain hey dido, i have PES 09 version 1.0 (no official patches). I use your 1.7.5 smoke patch :cool:. Although I have played the game with your patch only 3 times, i havent found any problems. Only thing is, the "rain" seems a bit seems too is there any...