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  1. cadburyho

    How to get classic players in the Master League?

    During set up of the Master League, I could not find any option to include Classic Players. So I do not know whether it is possible to play the Master League with classic players in PES2020. Can someone please confirm. Thank You.
  2. cadburyho

    PES 2019 jerks on my computer

    I find it rather strange that this game jerks on my computer. I did not have this problem with PES2018. However it does not jerk in the windows mode. Unfortunately the windows screen cannot be expanded. Is there anyway to stop the jerks or is it their a way to expand the windows screen? Please...
  3. cadburyho

    How do you draft players in national squad ?

    Hi everyone, It has been some time since I last posted. Well I am glad to be back. I have been playing PES for quite some time and until today I still stumped on national team player selection under the Master League. Before a friendly game I am asked to select the players. There is always 23...
  4. cadburyho

    Is my PES2016 perfect ?

    I think the game performance maybe affected by the graphic card. Pes 2015 speed was just perfect even at -2'. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for pes 2016. I have tried almost everything like putting every available details on screen ,even went to the extent of adjusting my computer to the...
  5. cadburyho

    Is my PES2016 perfect ?

    I wonder whether my PES2016 is playing like it should be. After playing it for almost a month, I am beginning to feel that PES2015 is a much better game.This is something which I do not expect as their latest release is always better than the predecessor. Not this time though unless something is...
  6. cadburyho

    Quite difficult to play at Super Star level

    Hey thanks man for the information. I will give a try.
  7. cadburyho

    Quite difficult to play at Super Star level

    Hi guys, How do you find playing at the Super Star level. I used to play at the highest level on all the past edition and winning all major trophies but this one really have me fully beaten. I gave away a lot of silly goals esp via through passes. Even with England I lost to Zambia 2-3. I...
  8. cadburyho


    Noticed I can tear the defence apart by using a fast striker (even at Superclass) Something is just now right. I was winning almost every game in the ML and in the midst of giving up this year's edition. Then I found a solution, I toned down the speed of the game to -2. Strange, my speedy...
  9. cadburyho

    PES 2013 vs. PES 2014?

    I thought PES2013 is the ultimate but I was wrong, PES2014 is the ultimate. I love everthing there is in the game except maybe for the advanced controls which I am having a tough time getting used to. It is so difficult to time a throw pass either too hard or too soft, maybe I need to check out...
  10. cadburyho

    [PC] 2014 Patch

    Looks like there no more Classic National Teams like in the past. Only classic heroes . What surprises me is the continuous absence of Eusebio (the black panther) from the Classics. Mind boggling.
  11. cadburyho

    Managing the National team

    If we really can manage a national team from the ML I think it is a novel idea. When I was playing PES2013 I got DJ Campbell on the cheap. His top speed is above 90 and sure he did score lots of goal for me. Since he is English I wanted to recruit him to the England Team. I would not mind...
  12. cadburyho

    [PC] 2013 Patch 1.2 - Npower Championship - #04/10/12-Download Links

    Balls Hi mate, Love this patch as the players' skin color are all correct. Am on the ML but how do we change the ball? Tried changing in the EDIT menu but to no avail. It is still the same ball.
  13. cadburyho

    GP Maxpoint Unlocker

    Thanks, I noticed unlike PES2012 there is no extra content where we can unlock . I haven't really check the players just hope the names are real. Have a great day, man.
  14. cadburyho

    GP Maxpoint Unlocker

    Does anyone have a link to the GP Maxpoint unlocker for PES2013. This tool is really useful. I used this to unlock everything in my PES2012. I am looking for the version for PES2013. HOpe someone can help cos I want to unlock all the Classic Players for my ML. Thanking you in anticipation.
  15. cadburyho

    Kitserver and Windows Mode

    Hi, Is it possible to play PES2012 with Kitserver on Windows Mode? The game screen is must larger than my notebook's monitor. Have tried experimenting with the in-game setting resolution and my notebook's resolution with no success. This morning I removed the PESEDIT patch together with the...
  16. cadburyho 2012 patch 3.1 + 3.1.1 FIX single Link

    Hi Deta53, Having a little problem with the switch on my notebook(Window 7). Tried selecting N-Power Championship but to no avail. Have this error "could not find C\user\compaq\document\Konami\Pro Evolution Soccer 2012\save\edit.bin. However when I put the save file to the latter location...
  17. cadburyho 2012 Patch 2.8 released_4-2-2012_ Mediafire

    Romario's face is a bit different now compared with earlier version. Previous version is more realistic. This one does not look quite like Romario.
  18. cadburyho

    PESEdit 2012 Patch 2.3 + 2.3.1 Fix - Mediafire - Filesonic - Filejungle Links

    Do we need to restart ML with each new PESEDIT update? This patch is reallyawesome and perfect. Have yet to find a player with wrong skin color. Thanks for sharing.
  19. cadburyho

    PES 2012 Master League -how to??

    Hi guys, thanks for your replies. Steve, it is possible to change the ball in the Master League. I managed to do that yesterday. I just cannot get used to the brown ball for the Championship teams. When there is a shadow you can't actually see the ball. Fortunately I managed to select another...
  20. cadburyho

    PES 2012 Master League -how to??

    Hi guys and experts out there, Will be grateful if someone can advise on how to 1.change the ball in the Master League. to adjust the colored bar (the one appearing next to the preset tactics icon) during gameplay. Believe the colored bar is meant to adjust the players' mentality...