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  1. Maine

    new arsenal kits 04-05

    well it hasnt been answered after 2 months and its better then just saying bump or starting a new thread
  2. Maine

    new arsenal kits 04-05

    Yeah i'd like to know the new arsenal away kit for 04/05, the blue one. Cheers in advance if anyone can help me out.
  3. Maine

    Henry Lob -teamwork (532k)

    good goal, i have henry and van basten as my strikers on master league too
  4. Maine

    WE7:IJ Arsenal Vs Man United Match Video

    howd u work that one out, the games are basically identical but the guy who made the vid has a patched game, apart from that its exactly the same as pes3
  5. Maine

    Thierry Henry stats

    yeah why would you wanna change his stats
  6. Maine

    PES4 Screenshots [fake]

    oh i cant wait, pes4 and gta san andreas in the same month
  7. Maine

    Anyone got adidas predator pulse boot creation?

    they are the new adidas boot and look sweet, has anyone made them yet because i want to use them on pes3, here is a pic of them
  8. Maine

    Robin van Persie

    no hes going to rangers on a free
  9. Maine

    Jose Antonio Reyes

    I am on a season with arsenal on cm with in april 2004 which is close enough to january and i converted his stats then to pes stats using Verter and this is what they are and the ones i use for him: Attack 91 Defence 53 Balance 83 Stamina 85 Top Speed 92 Acceleration 84 Response...
  10. Maine

    NEW PES3 Questions & Answers Thread - ask here

    i was wondering if anyone could tell me the real team names, ive done all premiership, italian and german teams but the rest i have no clue about so could someone help me on this please.
  11. Maine

    Robin van Persie

    unfortunately they rejected arsenal's bid incase you didnt know
  12. Maine


    yeah, i havent found a wall to drop the ball on the ground and kick it
  13. Maine

    Holy ****

    damn thats wierd, oh well thats life.
  14. Maine

    Thierry Henry's New Boots

    exactly and the boots suit him down to the ground because they look stylish and are stylish and thierrys a stylish player, with the flair and all that.
  15. Maine

    Thierry Henry's New Boots

    its because he's nike's main man lol.
  16. Maine

    All boots for pes3

    henry only wears the red new vapours, they look sweet. i hate the blue ones, robbie keane was wearing them against man u. can i have the nike tempo's or tiempo's whatever it is please
  17. Maine

    white predators remove from pes3.

    i like the supernova II boots. They look cool and are the boots i have for my football team. Good players wear them e.g. Joe cole, glen johnson, vieira used to, robbie fowler (he was good) and ive seen others wear them.
  18. Maine

    tim howard

    is there any way of getting howard to man u as i can only find him in the usa team