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  1. JamMasterJoe

    player changes in 1.4

    Why do they hate him so much? lol
  2. JamMasterJoe


    Are you familiar with Ready steady cook? OR as Ainsley knows it, Ready steady cock?
  3. JamMasterJoe

    Next Generation PES7 Release Date

    surly its too early for anyone to know
  4. JamMasterJoe

    PES 6 Annoying "bugs"

    stop whining
  5. JamMasterJoe

    Is football boring?

    lol drogba is asleep as is the appearance he gives most matches
  6. JamMasterJoe

    PES6 Update Now Available!

    such an improvement on before and it is a little better than pro evolution 5
  7. JamMasterJoe

    Pro evo 6 or Fifa 07

    this thread is pointless
  8. JamMasterJoe

    What are you currently playing?

    360 - F.e.a.r
  9. JamMasterJoe


    how can u say ferdinand isnt good he isnt real. he is a bunch of high stats in a computer game, so he is as good as his stats which on pes6 he is v good tard!
  10. JamMasterJoe

    pes6 online ladder

    i hate online play it is all laggy and shit
  11. JamMasterJoe

    The Ultimate Classic Player Thread

    Just like to say great stuff, keep it up
  12. JamMasterJoe

    Your best UNDERRATED team?

    villareal are great to use.
  13. JamMasterJoe

    what have they done to our beautiful game

    it is a bit of a let down
  14. JamMasterJoe


  15. JamMasterJoe

    Have you heard for Red Star Belgrade???

    like a bomb
  16. JamMasterJoe

    Overhead Kick - Training

    beautiful mate
  17. JamMasterJoe

    whats up people

  18. JamMasterJoe


    i was also lookin for lennos stats so i will keep an eye here
  19. JamMasterJoe

    The Ultimate Editing Thread For PES6

    nice work fellas keep it up :)