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  1. lons

    [PS4] FBNZ optionFile 2018 (BUNDESLIGA, CSL, MLS)

    Hello, Do you have more this kind of banners? Like english and another leagues? Can you send me?
  2. lons

    [PS4] FBNZ optionFile 2018 (BUNDESLIGA, CSL, MLS)

    Cristiano, Will You make in your OF like last year banners to each teams? :rolleyes:
  3. lons

    [PS4] FBNZ optionFile 2018 (BUNDESLIGA, CSL, MLS)

    Cristiano what about liga NOS?
  4. lons

    [PS4] DFL OptionFile 2017 (Bundesliga and more)

    Cristiano92 How many small updates aftrer 4.0 You will make in the futere?
  5. lons

    [PS4] DFL OptionFile 2017 (Bundesliga and more)

    Cristiano Which kits resolution you use in your OF?
  6. lons

    PES 16: Edit mode discussion.

    Thanks:no: I have to make onece again:realmad: Only me edited competitions emblems not working online? Kits and teams emblems workin.:rolleyes:
  7. lons

    PES 16: Edit mode discussion.

    I have kits pack from Glen. I created Premier League but the supporters have different kits. For example Liverpool supporters after the pach should have red but they don't have. What i have to do?
  8. lons

    [PS3] FO - Europe version - Final will feature Bundesliga & Italian Serie B

    daimpa This OF included SERIE B? or we have to wait for update?
  9. lons

    Super Option File?

    It's looks like in Pes 2013 all BLES can be use with any OF. Why community will not create one SUPER OF for everyboody? Now it's ease to make it :D With all kits, stadiums,chants etc I mean super of like super patch on PC.
  10. lons

    [BLES01407] M.N.M.R PES2012 EU Option file

    Great Of Roigafni! Thank you.
  11. lons

    [BLES01407] Roigafni Option File PS3

    roigafni New version of your will be working with DLC?
  12. lons

    [BLES01407] GTM Pro World PES 2012 of [ps3 EU]

    Is in Liga Zon Sagres? with correct logos and emblems?
  13. lons

    [STADIUM] The Stadium Creation Thread (Index in 2nd Post)

    :realmad: + 1 I would like to know too.
  14. lons

    PES 2012 v FIFA 12

    Buhahahah FIFA? Yes for casual! Pes for hardcore! 4 Eva!
  15. lons

    [STADIUM] The Stadium Creation Thread (Index in 2nd Post)

    @Djpele1 Can You make more pictures from Stamford Bridge:D?
  16. lons

    [STADIUM] The Stadium Creation Thread (Index in 2nd Post)

    Really nice stadium! but i think that Olimpia Stadium looks much bigger than this one.
  17. lons

    Stadiums for PES 2011 BLES 20 and BLES 21

    Klashman69 from Evo Web created nice generetic stadiums pack with full adboards: BLES 20: BLES 21: Stadion Neder (Small dutch teams) Uploaded with Western Europe Standard (UK, France, Scandinaiva...
  18. lons

    W.E.N.B PES 2011 PS3 Option File Released! (BLES-21)

    I think it's the best OF for BLES 1021. WENB + Bundesliga (Cdune) Now we need some new stadiums and Npower Championship :)
  19. lons

    German Bundesliga Stadium Pack

    These stadiums will work on BLES 1021?
  20. lons

    Moessa's OF for BLES 01021

    If i have DLC 1.01 and copy this OF into my PS3 it will be working? :blush: