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    My bad. Forgot to mention classic Brazil. I was just informing the guy looking for him to look for Palm.
  2. M


    You will find Pele in classic players under the name of Palm!
  3. M


    No, the fellow you are looking for is Palm. (Pele)
  4. M

    just curious about pes gamers

    Damn Miggy, i thought i was the eldest at 51. Warehouse supervisor.
  5. M

    Hello all

    Welcome to pesgaming matey.
  6. M

    What games are you waiting for?

    Brothers In Arms - Hells Highway. Duke Nukem Forever. Pro Evo 09. COD - World At War.
  7. M

    What are you currently playing?

    Everbody's Golf 2 on psp. Great time waster. Love it.
  8. M

    Goal disallowed for no reason

    Could of been indirect free kick awaded or a glitch.
  9. M

    player positions

    I remember when i use to play Roberto Carlos as a forward. Doubt if i will get the same rewards now tho.
  10. M

    Racedriver Grid.

    Demolition Derby is not like the ps1 version which was excellent. You just go round the track and a couple of crossovers and jumps which makes it more tricky. Cars can take a lot of battering too. Controlling the big yankee cars is also tricky. Collisions in mid-air are spectacular as well.
  11. M

    Racedriver Grid.

    Yes, i guess you can say that. But better. Annoying yes when the car in front spins off in your path.
  12. M

    Racedriver Grid.

    Got this game on friday and i must say its pretty damn good. Anyone else get this game ? Any views ? Muscle car, Touring car, Drifting , Endurance, Demolition derby, its even got night racing.
  13. M

    Best Striker in PES 2008

    Apart from the usual suspects i would have to include Koller. Great for knock downs and getting important goals.
  14. M

    Elcherino and Pursel?

    Elcherino and Pursel. I think its Eusebio and Puskas. Both legends.
  15. M

    does someone have PES2008 for Sale

    You could try taking it back to the shop and ask them to exchange it. Tell them it was a gift and you dont have the receipt.
  16. M

    who is your goalscorer

    Benzema French striker, or Gibson. Both quality in front of goal.
  17. M

    Have you pre-ordered?

    My son had ordered his from and is still waiting for delivery. I got mine from Asda on morning of release. I let him have my copy as I was at work for the day and said i would have his copy when it came by post. I'm still fucking waiting and yet to play the game. Amazon sent him a...
  18. M

    The Grand Theft Auto IV soundtrack

    Q Lazzarus - "Goodbye Horses" That's the track from ''Silence Of The Lambs'' i think. Some good selection on them radio stations.
  19. M

    Abidalicious (43m)

    Quality,i've tried so many times from distance without success.
  20. M

    Your most favourite gaming characters?

    Duke Nukem. Dont fuck with him.