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  1. J

    PES6 Patch Next Season 2016

    or it's for PC? will it work with my old laptop? or there are some high requirements?
  2. J

    Formation bug....anyone help?

    take some screenshots, please).
  3. J

    LSSN 2014-2015 Option File

    what did you change?)) gameplay has become more HARDCORE and FAST since your last update. or it's just "placebo effect" to me? *anyway it was very fun to play with your updated OF. thanks a lot mate!
  4. J

    LSSN 2014-2015 Option File

    it works 100%. i have already downloaded it. i can email you if u want).
  5. J

    PES 6 Option File Season 2015 10/02/2015

    New link does work! Thanks a lot, Minosta!!!)
  6. J

    PES 6 Option File Season 2015 10/02/2015

    btw i can't download it too... (
  7. J

    PES 6 Option File Season 2015 10/02/2015

    does your OF have any gameplay changes? any updated kits/boots/faces/formations? or it's just a transfer update? thanks a lot anyway!
  8. J

    about passing the ball

    sorry for possible offtop. main idea: "great passes are more than possible". just check this video up).
  9. J

    LSSN 2014-2015 Option File

    every day i'm waiting for some update too... my PC not too powerful for newest PES versions (even 2008 freezes on minimal cfg), so i have to play PES6 (thanks God, it's a great game). you just helped me with your OF: new players, new kits, new gameplay. so i'm strongly looking forward to your...
  10. J

    LSSN 2014-2015 Option File

    something wrong with the longshots... and with shots at all... 1.0?
  11. J

    Whats you master league squad???????

    PES 6 ML Team -------------------------------------- Banks (GK) Baresi (CWP) Nesta (CB) Maldini/Leo Moura (RB) Luke Shaw/David Alaba (LB) Rijkaard\Pirlo\Brehme (DMF) Jorginho\Pirlo (CMF) Platini\Charlton (AMF) Conti/Januzaj (RWF)...
  12. J

    Help me ! I cant play PES :(((

    PES 6 is too much better than 13).
  13. J

    Patch for ML end of season crash

    It works!)) Thank you!
  14. J

    Patch for ML end of season crash

    wow. great to see this stuff here. tried Noche OF, but it crashed after 2nd season (made some transfers). hope this patch will help me. thanks for try. p.s. I'm planning to start my ML from the very beginning and find out works your fix or not. Hope it does. Anyway thank you a lot, mate...
  15. J

    Noche de Lobo 2012-2013 (got trouble)

    cheers from Belarus, mates!:D i'm a big pes6 fan. so I decided to use Noche de Lobo 2013-2014 OF . during the ML walktrough i had some difficulties: transfers: can i buy ANY player at the negotiation period? (beckham, zidane, ibrahimovich, neymar) game crashed after the 2nd season...
  16. J

    Noche de Lobo 2012-2013 (PES6 Option File 2012-2013)

    :( finally... how do i get some star-players onto my ML team? weird transfer.... with the original OF i have 4-5 top players in my team (ramos, CR, robben, walcott, daniel alves)... *sorry for my english:jt2:
  17. J

    Noche de Lobo 2012-2013 (PES6 Option File 2012-2013)

    Great OF at all! but there is a little problem... ML mode: can't buy some players (Beckham for example) in a negotiation period. can't find some players (Neymar, Marco Reus) via advanced search in transfers... what's wrong with me?