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  1. oseedo

    Online crashing.

    same has happened to me a number of times, and it goes down as a loss. yet the game hasn't even started and my connection is fine.
  2. oseedo

    BAL help!

    i got offers from all the clubs i wanted, i was jus assisting a lot and scoring goals from the wing. team work probably, instead of trying to do it all yourself. i'm now at barca, i got a transfer to my favourite club arsenal after a few years in italy and a stint at man city. but with players...
  3. oseedo

    how do i delete/reset my Game ID

    i don't think you can reset your ID otherwise that would be cheating as your record would be false. it's a bum but i've tried too reset myself and realise you can't do it. you have to make another ID i'm afraid.
  4. oseedo

    Bored of Pes 2009 ?

    i got bored of pes2009 in the first few months, as for pes2010, i'm more excited about modern warfare2 coming out.
  5. oseedo

    I Did It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the thing is if someone is exceptionally good at dribbling with messi, you can't stop him without fouling.even if you ain't suckered by his movement, the cpu AL will be. the AL usually interferes and makes a tackle for me or jus runs out the way and let ihm through, or jus stands still. you have...
  6. oseedo

    Why didn't they incorporate CL in the Master league?

    exactly my point, konami are so gay!! fobing us off with this stupid extra game mode, when it should naturally be apart of master league anyway. CONami they should be called.
  7. oseedo

    What was everyone's first PES/ISS title?

    my first was iss on the snes, with roberto baggio. those were the days.
  8. oseedo

    I Did It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    pes2009 is not suited to people who like to pass and keep possesion. as eventually one of your passes fucks up through no fault of yours as, players get in each others way, movement from your players is poor, your player miss controls it, pass is played in favour of oppostion interception, your...
  9. oseedo

    Should I buy PES 2009? (For Online Play)

    hell no!! don't do it. the game is terrible online.
  10. oseedo

    Does anyone else get annoyed about getting subbed every match?

    yeah that's dumb the amount of times i've been on a hat-trick an i get subbed it's stupid. it's annoying as i'm clearly the best player and the one keeping everything go in. i hate when i'm winning like for example i got subbed on 70 mins and my team where winning 2-1, and then they go and lose...
  11. oseedo

    Rubbish "Good" Players 2009

    and also torres what the fuck have konami done to him he's absolute shite, the makers must not rate him.
  12. oseedo

    Rubbish "Good" Players 2009

    i share your pain i have the same problem. though eduardo seems like the only useful player on the arsenal team. apart from him the rest are terrible.
  13. oseedo

    Formations brokendown in science

    Oh Well Still Wrong, Lol
  14. oseedo

    Formations brokendown in science

    that's abit gay the formation came out lob sided, lol ---------------------------CB------------------CB-------------------------------------- RB----------------------------------LB------------- --------------------------------------- DM------------------------------------...
  15. oseedo

    Formations brokendown in science

    I usually play as arsenal as that's the team i support, though i don't really rate them on pes2009. if my opponent picks a weaker team i will change from arsenal as i can play with any team, (except when they pick totteham). if people choose someone like man united or barcelona i will always...
  16. oseedo

    how to get called to an unlicensed national team?

    you won't get picked for them it tells u when u pick your nationality to beware of this. u showed of just picked a bait country like england, brazil, spain, etc
  17. oseedo

    Match experience points in BAL !!

    your probably not doing much in matches. try to go where the ball and collect it. try passing a lot and making sensible runs. take shots from far if need be, even if your shooting is pants. i noticed that when i ran around like a lunatic everywhere, my stats went up and i got a lot of man of the...
  18. oseedo

    gameplay speed

    after the update i noticed that the game has got faster.
  19. oseedo

    Man Marking

    it works but if the opposition manage to slip your player, it can then leave big gaps to for them to exploit as the player can be pulled out of position.
  20. oseedo

    PES is destroyed

    pes 2009 is shit, apart from a few new game modes what's better about it not the gameplay. slow reactions and responses from the players, they stand there watching passes and don't move untill its to late. the gameplay is worse than 2008!!