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  1. Wu-Tang

    [PS2] PES5 pesfan V1 - Default Kits for Patched Game

    Can't help sorry as i havent had a chance to play it yet. But thx to all those involved!
  2. Wu-Tang

    [PS2] PES5 PESfan V1 Option File [17th Oct 05]

    Thx dude my eyes will be fixed firmly on this page and pages around it :D Gd work Zyg and Mark and Dawn, plus the PESfan boys for creating this awesome option file!!!!
  3. Wu-Tang

    [PS2] PES5 PESfan V1 Option File [17th Oct 05]

    Yeh Pelle V2 does ive put it together with some other bits and bobs to create a nice mix but would be even better if u and markandawn cud make a nice default kits version of this option file. A lot of people would want it im sure, rite now im using scorp's V5 which has default kits, gr8 option...
  4. Wu-Tang

    [PS2] PES5 PESfan V1 Option File [17th Oct 05]

    Ive been away for a while frm Insight, hold the parties. I've got a question, is a MarkandDawn legendry conversion up on the works for default kits??
  5. Wu-Tang

    WE9 Rip Kit - ripping WE9 to CD

    pls post it as when i attempted ripping even a clean one i got an ISO which was even bigger than the original size, plus an error message something like cant move an existing 0_TEXT???
  6. Wu-Tang

    WE9 Rip Kit - ripping WE9 to CD

    shit no just finished and it doesn't work!! so we will have to wait untill someone makes an english DKZ patch as that works with the DVD rip version, im just going to go back to watching the match and just make a rip of the original, unpatched ISO.
  7. Wu-Tang

    WE9 Rip Kit - ripping WE9 to CD

    LoL thats what im trying to do right now as well.!! i'll let you know how it works out :)
  8. Wu-Tang

    WE9 Rip Kit - ripping WE9 to CD

    here is the Winning eleven 9 Jap ripkit. BGM was downsampled,most of the SOUND was ripped. intro movie ripped;id=125
  9. Wu-Tang

    Dummy...Reyna to McBride Dummy, Beasley finish

    tht link doesnt work mate!
  10. Wu-Tang

    Winning eleven 9 new features announced

    Yeh but if Konami were being smart about it they would pay and realise that it would pay off from the money they get from attracting new customers, the fifa type ones who want all kits and the like. Still no sign of nike boots then! Plus templates still look the same so easy kit importing, Hehe...
  11. Wu-Tang

    Xbox Live Question

    yeh any microsoft employees out there can clear this up, help would be much apreciated i've already sent an email to the UK guys but i havent got anything back from them!
  12. Wu-Tang

    [WE8LE] Reefur We8le Patch 0.9 Dvd/cd

    All the parrot typing duty getting to you then Zyg! :lol:
  13. Wu-Tang

    Keepers who you just cant score past?

    Cech is the the best keeper on WE8LE - he is practically impossible to get past!!!!!!!!
  14. Wu-Tang

    Worst football Game?

    Fifa Street : why it looks like somthing EA pulled out of its Arse! How do u manage to fuck up FiFa graphix, hey its a shit game anywho, whteva it looks like!!!!!
  15. Wu-Tang

    Jonboyo's UPDATE 4 jb30.10.04pes4.ppf Pes4ps2 patch

    yeah if no-one shares it, that is.
  16. Wu-Tang

    [WE8LE] FrenchEvolutionTeam/Patch Ligue1/Standup-Speakup-Edition - FULL-DVD

    who said do that? Just follow the instructions in the first post!
  17. Wu-Tang

    [WE8LE] Reefur We8le Patch 0.9 Dvd/cd

    yeh he's getting quite pissed off with people asking him all the time hey reefur when is 1.0 coming out??? Hey reefur when is 1.0 coming out?? So that whole thread on evo web has been closed. Lucky reef isn't on this forum otherwise we would get people asking him on that, instead all of the...
  18. Wu-Tang

    the award for crap game of the year goes to fifa 06

    yeah it was a first for Fifa. I think it was just a license for the Fifa Street series, i dont't think they are allowed to transfer it over to normal fifa series.
  19. Wu-Tang

    What TV?

    well that JVC one isn't out yet from what i can see online, thats probably why you can't find it on shops.
  20. Wu-Tang

    Would the real umdiddley please stand up...

    huh what the hell is going on, err... could we have an admin tell us what the hell happened pls? We are all a little confused here.