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    Basic doubt regarding defending

    Welcome to the wonderful world of the modern day football "simulation"! The short answer is the AI cheats. It doesn't even try to hide it. It will pull your players out of position and/or turn them into mindless zombies unwilling or unable to obey even simple commands. It consistently...
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    The "what games have you just bought" thread

    You'll have completed it by the time you post a comment! :tongue: I'm thinking of trading a couple of old games in for it, that way I wont feel quite so cheated.
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    The "what games have you just bought" thread

    30 bucks for 2 hours of gameplay though? I thought that was a total rip off to be honest. What do you think of the game?
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    The PES 2014 "Rage" Thread

    Sorry mate but being better than EA when it comes to customer service and not ripping people off is like being slightly less right wing than Hitler. Nothing to shout about. In my view they're asking customers to forget about all the issues they have had with PES and the fact that it's still...
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    The PES 2014 "Rage" Thread

    I've just read that Konami are going to charge £7.99 for a "World Challenge" DLC pack. Which includes......well.........not a lot really. I am flabbergasted at the bare faced cheek of this company. Considering the absolute MESS they release the PES games in every year, every single DLC...
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    PES is dying

    I disagree with that entirely, I believe that is the only way we will get through to Konami. I mean what is the alternative? Keep buying shit games in the hope they make it better out of kindness? We've tried to politely (OK, sometimes not very politely :innocent:) tell Konami what the...
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    Thief [PC/PS4/One/PS3/360]

    One of my brothers got Thief recently and has told me he's not been very impressed with it so far and the generic storyline hasn't gripped him at all. In saying that he did admit he isn't very far into it and will give it another go so maybe it gets better later on. I'll post my own...
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    I love this post, just love it. I dont understand how the "you're just playing it wrong" people cannot see any of this stuff. It's right there in every single game of PES you play and it's nothing to do with how you play the game.
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    Gaming 'Karma'

    Totally agree! Creating a character like Trevor but not making him the only controllable character in the game was a stroke of genius by Rockstar. He brings out the nasty little shit in all of us and it's great fun for a while but it never gets too repetitive because you can shift to Michael...
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    Gaming 'Karma'

    Usually good because games tend to reward you with more stuff and better endings that way. The gloves come off when playing GTA though. That game is all about being the baddest mo fo you can be! Playing Killzone Shadow Fall recently and some guy cradling his dead wife (it wasn't me who...
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    PES 2013 vs. PES 2014?

    Sorry but I dont understand how having to use a two button combination in order to stop the player you have selected from ignoring what you want him to do and therefore prevent him from following a script the game's AI has implemented without your knowledge or consent translates as "totally in...
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    PES is dying

    We've been telling Konami what is wrong with PES for YEARS and they haven't listened to a word we've said so why does anyone think they're going to start listening now? The people in charge of PES are utterly clueless, directionless and appear to have not one decent idea in their thick skulls...
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    Most frustrating version yet!!

    15/ the difficulty level: here's what SHOULD happen if I tweak up the difficulty level: the computer A.I. should try for more accurate runs, the computer A.I. should defend more solidly, the computer A.I. should improve on tactics, the computer keeper A.I. should do impossible saves more often...
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    The "what games have you just bought" thread

    Just bought NBA2K 14 for the PS4. Never played any NBA2K games before and I have to admit I'm struggling badly. It's a very complex control system and at the moment I'm not really sure if I can be arsed learning it.
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    The PES 2014 "Rage" Thread

    A very talented man who understood how to capture the basic essence of football and put it into a game despite having very limited tools at his disposal. Where are the Dino Dinis of this generation of tech? :no:
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    The PES 2014 "Rage" Thread

    Kick Off on the Amiga wasn't that bad. Not as good as Kick Off 2 granted but not bad all the same.
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    Battlefield 4 [PC/PS4/One/PS3/360]

    Anyone else had random crashes playing campaign mode or online on PS4? I lost my save game from campaign mode and had to start all over again. I've also had quite a few crashes while playing online. This is after 2 or 3 updates as well. I've actually had FIFA crash a couple of times as...
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    What are you currently playing?

    I've tried both FIFA and PES every single year since they first arrived in gaming and the enjoyment I used to get out of football games has all but completely evaporated. This should be a golden age for football games. Playing realistic leagues or cups or against each other online or being...
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    What are you currently playing?

    Been playing Battlefield 4 a lot on PS4 lately. Really enjoying the expansive open maps and the feeling of being involved in a large scale battle rather than the "rats in a maze" feeling of COD. To be fair I haven't played Ghosts yet but I'm guessing it aint that much different from every...
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    Fifa 14

    Be a Pro Update I've adjusted a bit better to playing FIFA on PS4 now and have been banging the goals in with my pro. Still think the long sequence of no score bores was a bit weird but I've put that behind me now. Getting picked for the national team still seems a bit random mind you, I...