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  1. Meath

    PS4 OF PES 2019 Nico Ultras

    Anyone know if this is still hosted anywhere? Nicos links are dead, obviously an old thread but I redownloaded pes 2019 and need an option file
  2. Meath

    [PS4] FBNZ optionFile 2018 (BUNDESLIGA, CSL, MLS)

    Installed it last night, looks great. Thanks for all the hard work
  3. Meath

    PES 6 Option File 2006-2007

    Is it for a ps2? Do you have an x-port?
  4. Meath

    [PS4] FBNZ optionFile 2018 (BUNDESLIGA, CSL, MLS)

    That time of year again, thanks in advance. I'll wait a few more days before I download. You must be working overtime to have so much done already
  5. Meath

    [PS4] Chris's Best Of Everything (BOE) Option File & Graphics

    I did do it, but seemed to work after switching off, back on then off again. Sorted. Instructions were great. Thanks to the lads involved making the option file
  6. Meath

    [PS4] Chris's Best Of Everything (BOE) Option File & Graphics

    I installed the stand alone file because I just got a PS4. The classic teams names were all wrong, then checked a few teams like Bayern Munich and it was completely wrong. Unknow players in there. Am I as well to delete everything and start from scratch? EDIT: I just did a fresh install. Don't...
  7. Meath

    [TEAMS] Classic Clubs by Various Editors

    Just got PES and saw this thread. Classics is a brilliant idea, makes the game more interesting.
  8. Meath

    ML Classic Player setting?

    Even then, it used to be much better. For instance, classic england used to have 22 of their best players. Stanley Matthews, Dixie Dean, Tom Finney etc. Then they changed it to the 1990 team and the 1996 team.
  9. Meath

    [PS3] CYPES Option File

    Great job, cheers!
  10. Meath

    [PS3] PES World PES 2015 option file.

    Cheers Glen, just copying it across now.
  11. Meath

    Lobbed volley from distance, PES 2013

    Sort of a weird goal, surprised to see it go in. In real time it dipped wickedly, and from the angle behind the player you can see the swerve on it. Sorry about the woeful quality and video split in 2! Normal wide angle: O9HEj7gQ3ts Replay here: a7NYzi__N6I
  12. Meath

    Problems with passing

    Agree with basically everything there! No idea why they don't go back to the physics of an old classic game but just improve the graphics and add in a few more animations. Passing has never been an issue with me in any pro evo or iss game. But this game is unplayable for me just because of the...
  13. Meath

    Online play = amazing

    I noticed there was no lag at all in the few games I played, very impressed. If only they added a replay option instead of having to go back to the room. And the Barca merchants. REally annoying when people wont pick anyone but barca. In my experience 2 out of 3 people pick barca
  14. Meath

    Problems with passing

    I'm actually close to giving up on this game. I can't build a passing move because about 1 in 4 pass goes to the complete wrong player! And at a slow pace! I've played about 30 games at this stage and it's driving me mad! I've played a lot of pro evo over the years, even the bad games I've...
  15. Meath

    Problems with passing

    Think it's just getting used to. Have you messed around with the pass support option?
  16. Meath

    [BLES01406] GTM Pes World PES 2012 of [ps3 uk]

    Almost ready, woo hoo! What a sad way to spend my saturday evening
  17. Meath

    Problems with passing

    Anyone else having problems with passing? Hitting passes that are really slow and passes going to the wrong player? I've tried with pass support off, pass support at 1 and pass support up full. But it goes to the wrong player far more often than in PES 2011. As for the slow passes, think I...
  18. Meath

    [BLES01406] GTM Pes World PES 2012 of [ps3 uk]

    Yesterday he said he was on course to have it today. But nothing would be done when Newcastle are playing! I'm guessing today this evening or possibly tomorrow.
  19. Meath

    Do not buy pes 2012

    I like the game so far. Only problem I have is the AI can score so many headers. Playing a champions league, let in about 10 goals, almost all headers. Almost every cross they put in, bang, a header, a goal.
  20. Meath

    Why on earth can't you replay a match?

    Not see a replay of a goal. Did you even read the post!? Yeah, annoying but that's going to happen. Look at peoples last 5 teams they played as and it's barca x5.