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    PES 2011 Online Cheaters List

    JackSon - PC Was winning and started laggin the game. BASTARD
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    PES 2011 Online Cheaters List

    Ste868686 you are a stupid bastard, die, motherfucker! cheater bastard
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    PES 2011 Online Cheaters List

    Whats with AVALON??? no one is going to do anything about it? 950 points and couting using UAE and Thailand...
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    Welcome back Ljungberg, Pires etc... Farewell Ronaldinho

    Im just not getting why Nani is not in Portugal squad. Damn you Konami.
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    PES 2011 Online Cheaters List

    Cleyton - PC Cheated me at quarter finals in wepes open club tournament, he won before we start playing. Fucking cheater.
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    online co-op

    yes you have to create a room and ask them to join. There you can choose friendly match or ranking with points
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    PES 2011 Online Cheaters List

    forawan PC Place: BRAZIL BASTARD.
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    PES 2011 Online Cheaters List

    It's almost impossible to get in the finals when playing a tournament. Full of laggers. It's bullshit, really. Get a life, cheaters, or learn how to play instead. Bastards.
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    :: When do we get the updated Rosters?? Feb Transfer Window update? : :

    How long it will take to transfer some players? PESEDIT guys already did it within 1 day. Konami, wake up! And do something about the damn laggers, they are everywhere!!!!!!!!!!! PS. GREAT FORUM. Glad i've found it