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    how do you...

    Finally someone noticed, i saw the screeshots and sorry i cannot help but i am thinking the saame as you. I think you go on coach mode but not certain buddy
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    anyone feel let down by PES2008???

    I read half and after that its bollocks, sort ur head out sunshine, the graphics are great. So is the gameplay and i would like u to tel me whats so amazing about fifa and not pes? SCREW U JERKOFF
  3. A competition - has anyone entered?

    im not going to bother because i doubt ill get there, and ill end up having football training on the night of my match or something
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    Arteta Half Volly 35yrds out xboxlive pes 2006

    great goal m8 lol, bet ya cudnt do that again now douby
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    Help me with Free Kicks and 1on1 situations on PES 2008

    Hey Simas, i must tell you that if youre on tomorrow check here and ill post 3 consecutive goals from free kicks! IT is posble turst me
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    Xbox Live a Joke

    Give it a month boys, itll be fine soon no doubt in my mind! and by tyh
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    Help me with Free Kicks and 1on1 situations on PES 2008

    Alright mate, i agreee with most of these, in one on ones, dummy all the way, u no the buttons wheress if you dont hve enough time go for the lob and as for free kicks Im a king at free kicks now, go on training and stay there for about an hour haha. I did that using Beckham wit England and...
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    Ryan Giggs direct shot from corner kick !!

    its not great, ive seen better and bythe looks of it the striker heads it in i jus cant tell te quality is poor.