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    [PS4/PC] Ratmundo Classic Option File

    Hey man, Really appreciate your work, and looking forward for the release on PS4. Let's hope it's sometime before Christmas xD Just a quick one mate, under which leagues would the teams be stored? Most of us use PEU to store the Bundesliga teams, so I'd suggest to have them under PLA & PAS
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    (PS4) Classic Team by the Dex

    Hey man, Thanx for the hard work.. really appreciated and looking forward for the release. Just wanted to ket you know that you are missing Gianni Riviera in Milan's squad You can check this site for references
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    Creating Classic teams for PES2020

    Hey Peeps, I was wondering if anyone can do a favor and create classic teams of clubs and national teams based on my PES2019 option file? :rolleyes::rolleyes: I would have started working at it, but unfortunately I currently don't have the time. :no:
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    [PS4] classic teams for pes 2018

    Awesome work + proposal Hi mate, I'm not if I have replied to your thread earlier or not, anywee... Awesome work man!!! really loved it.. it is my favorite work on classic teams above all others.. hey, I have a suggestion / proposal for you.. I have used your teams as a base and added...
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    [PS4] Slarkmeister's Classic Champions of Europe squads

    Thanx big time mate for your great effort I would like to suggest following teams as well; - Santos of 60's and 70's - FC Bayern Munich of 70's - Inter Milan of 60's Really appreciate it man