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    I'm selling PES 2012 PS3 - FOR SALE

    Hi mate, you need more time with it. It is awesome. just try to start with regular player then professional, top player and last super start. I mean do not start with top or professional and you want to win. in the real life, there are many problems with teams sometimes defenders' mistakes or...
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    I'm selling PES 2012 PS3 - FOR SALE

    Hi dude, Just give it a shot. I am sure that will end up keeping it. I am a huge fan of PES since 2000 or something. In the beginning you have hard time with the new version of the game. Then when you master the game in both offensive or defensive side, you'll find yourself felt in love with...
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    Patch update released today?

    when you run and stop, this is a new move. I have PS3. When I press R1 to run using the directions with it, I keep holding R1 and release the direction arrows. This is a good move tho.
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    My opponent has always more possession than me!

    hi, I am not excellent in possession but sometimes I have the ball for 55 to 60 even with top level players. I like your lineup formation and its my favorite. my advice: In the midfield, make sure you place each of both defensive midfielder in the right spots. Also, I would suggest that you...
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    [PS3] Alkhens Npower championship OF for Bles 20

    I downloaded your file after I had deleted all old OF that I had before. However, I got this message "Unable to load because data is from different version. Download new contents to update data" I have BLES 20? I tried to solve it by deleting everything and reload the op again and I got the...