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    Soccer_rules Compilation 1

    right im sorry there is some nice goals but the most of it are regular moves not somthing unusual and it seems that he just tried to fill the compilation but anyways he got some skills
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    Soccer_rules Compilation 1

    preety regular moves kin'a lame....
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    actually if i take a closer look and change the angle it looks like the bar saved the goal and noot the defender
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    why this is not in?!?! could have benn a wondefrulll goal!! 6 star :realmad:
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    my goal compilation

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    my goal compilation

    i didnt saved every little nice move like soliqu but here are some lovely goals and wierd things that i saved the clip is 3 minutes long 6 stars dificulty pes 4 pc keyboard enjoy
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    the rabona shot

    its easyyyyyyyy to do a rabona shot take recoba and go down to right leg shot you need too be in the exact angle i cant describe it but anyway give it a try
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    ronaldinho move

    it can only be done in we 8 liveware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
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    gilberto half volley - stunner!

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    nice one touch goal 6 stars

    i am improving my one touch gameplay - some time it pays pitty that the whole move wasnt recorded anyway enjoy
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    **FK and Corners - Tips**

    simple goal from a corner dont aim - just stay on the defualt angle whrn you get a corner curve the lob towards the goal with the up arow ....if the keeper wont go out it should be an easy close range header
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    gilberto half volley - stunner!

    6 stars enjoy!
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    Perfect goal from Davids!

    nothing special stiil nice
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    Gilberto Stylish Chip

    i know :D
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    Goal of the Month #1 - Vote Now

    what are you talking about? mendieta's goal is the best and another thing... did you check that all the goals were scored in 5-6 stars?? cause in some goals the keepers look rubbish we were sopposed to send the goals on video file ???
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    Easy one on one goal!

    i mean that there are situations like when you have one player alone from like a difficult angle , than no regular shot will go in of course that you can drible or pass or something but i am talking about a goal in one shot like this and zygialski , the doesnt workk alll the time i...
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    R.Carlos fantastic Volley (WE8LW)

    i am always trying to kick voleys like this this is amazinggg goal
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    Gilberto Stylish Chip :)
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    Nothing less than PERFECTION!!!

    scored a goal exatclty like this with henry not something special
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    beckham's 31 goalie corner shot