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    The name it's self is a joke much like the mode. Who thought random player transfers with tiny chances of getting a player with 75+ rating was a good idea? How is this mode ment to be sustainable? You don't make enough money for a win to keep your team going unless you have a team of...
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    freezing of game replays online

    hey all, i am playing online and when it goes out for a corner, freekick, e.t.c. the game freezes. any one else have this problem??
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    track record (rating)

    hi all, its been a while since iv been on the forum but i have a question.... goal scoring ability defensive ability fairplay play making sportsmanship how do you get them to s rank?? iv done it for scoring and fairplay but how do you do the rest??
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    Whats you master league squad???????

    thats crap.. schwarz is far superior he is 38 now and still has atleast 95 on all major stats!! by the way i havent played him for bout 6 seasons if not more.
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    Left wingers

    no messi has the best dribbling in pes, it shits on nani's.
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    no it doesn't.. i think you have to realise it's a game it's not the real thing. why listen to the same crap every game? would you rather they waste time sorting out the commentary or would you prefer better game play?? i no which one i want
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    make it real

    what the fuck... you are moaning about commentary i another thread and now here you are moaning about making a game that was made for the football side and trying to make it a managerial game!!! fuck off and play fifa!
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    who cares!! why do you listen to the commentary its shit.. i always have and always will play pes muted and listen to some music. if you are moaning about the commentary maybe you should do what i do!
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    Left wingers

    giggs is appaling when reborn, he just does nothing!!
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    Master League upcoming players

    nah iv played enough seasons to no, this is a list of players to shit ( on match performance) to play for my master league; Ronaldinho ronaldo (not cristiano) henrik larrsson totti pele villa giggs scholes tevez silva julio baptista nasri odonkor wolf (GK) Kim u don (gk)...
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    Master League upcoming players

    getting everyone an A rank is easy, just play the same starting 11 and aslong as you dont lose they all go up and there you go.
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    Left wingers

    shaw doesn't need any time before he gets good.... iv just brought him since he retired and he went straight back into the first team and straight away started scoring and assisting again.
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    Should diving be incorporated?

    i tottally agree diving is a waste of time, it never works and wheres the fun in getting people sent off like that. I FUCKING HATE DIVING!!!
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    Best player in the game.

    there might be some but i havent noticed them... saying that half the people that are mentioned on this forum i havent heard of.. massive pes fan slowly becoming more of a football fan again, when i get engrossed in footie i will be better at pes with more knowledge.
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    Best team to play as in ML

    im not fan of terry my best defence was roberto carlos bos maldini bianchi all amazing and all play till there 37+
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    Is it possible to score more than 14 in a game??

    lol i had him for a bit but he was shit. i dont ever seem to get lucky with fouls by the comp they just rarely do it, its real gay!! classic players are good fun!
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    Best player in the game.

    lol that would be cool, the only other amazing stats at reborn is classic players
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    Master League upcoming players

    my whole team are A rating maybe thats why
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    Master League upcoming players

    lol i no that feeling.. for some reason since season 5 no one has ever offered anything for any of my players.. i have to release players or trade them its bloody annoying
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    Best player in the game.

    the reborn one he has amazing stats at 17 and he is the leading goal scorer of all time in my ML with 657 btw he is 36ish now tho... just waiting for him to retire then he can partner messi again