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  1. J

    PES14 is dead.. Sorry guys

    Yes the lack of transfers is annoying...but the higher standard of gameplay should keep fans returning. The heart and stadium experience should be enough for new fans to at least try the demo. Then we have the great people who spend time creating the personal option files we can use ( something...
  2. J

    Trophies question

    Hey guys. Just wondering when playing BAL, do achieve the trophies does it have to be done with a player created or can it be do with a player from the game for example messi. Many thanks
  3. J

    [PS3 EU] Mop 2014 - pes 2014

    Just checking are the transfers updated in this OF
  4. J

    Offical Jan 2013 transfer update ?

    many thanks, just means i wont move them myself. thank you :)
  5. J

    Offical Jan 2013 transfer update ?

    Hey was wondering if there would be an official update to the transfers after the transfer window, or is it best to just do it manually ? Many Thanks James
  6. J

    Patch details for 11th October / Data pack 2 discussion

    Just wondering how will this patch update affect any of the new OF thats being installed before hand, will it result in the lose of the strips etc ?
  7. J

    Problem in cup mode :(

    Hey all, just wondering if any of you had came across the issue that am having; Once i reach the semi-final in the cup mode, the game doesnt load and stays on the screen b4 the game should start. It started doing it with the world cup and again with a different cup. The disc is in perfect...
  8. J

    [PS3] WENB PES2013 Option File - Part 1.5

    hey i have just uninstalled V 1.1 and it wont let me download the DLC any idea what the problem was ?
  9. J

    [PS3] WENB PES2013 Option File - EU VERSION (BLES-01708)

    Hey i have installed this OF and i have not been able to update using the official update. I have started some of the CL mode, was wondering is there a way i can restore the ability to update the game officially without losing my saved data or should i just wait for the update of this OF...