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    How are you doing in Master League?

    Bad, I just suck.
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    More realistic player growth: Normal or Dynamic?

    dynamic, if you score 30 goals in a season with one player he will grow tremondously, on the hand if you have a player who doesn't do anything, his ratings will drop
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    Questions for MasterLeague 2011

    1, search free agents by group, go past the english, italian league etc and at the end there is the free agent list 2. Sign a player fast from your youth team, they are most likely not going to cut players since you have to keep your squad over 18 players, and one of your highest earning...
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    edgar 12 OF Full Bundesliga/Xbox 360

    Well I do appreciate what you did, whether you decide to make a D2 league or not.
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    edgar 12 OF Full Bundesliga/Xbox 360

    I would suggest putting the 2nd bundesliga in the game if you are going to make a filler for the D2 league, since most people use this OF for the german league
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    edgar 12 OF Full Bundesliga/Xbox 360

    ok i finally got it, just had to split it 3 different files, props for editing the names of classic and hidden players too
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    edgar 12 OF Full Bundesliga/Xbox 360

    120 gb, when i copied it over from xploder it only let me do 1-255
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    edgar 12 OF Full Bundesliga/Xbox 360

    ok i got the kit files from 001 to 255 but the 257-314 says they are corrupted, plus the other file with the stadiums wouldn't load for me, i was just looking for the league with the teams so i am more then satisfied, i just wanted to know what i am missing, if anything
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    [TUTORIAL] Transferring an Option File by USB! [takes about 25 minutes]

    ok when i open the device no file shows up only somethnig that says .. so i clicked that and opened a new file, i put all the rosters in, but i can not get usb to work to my xbox, everytime i configure my xbox to the usb drive, my computer says the usb is full, when my xbox says i have 6.9 gb of...