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  1. J

    Curious about player weight

    Come man! What do you think, I highly doubt it!
  2. J

    New details about pes 14

    Animation man, thats what I wanna hear man, animation!
  3. J

    I give up

    Being Sarcastic?
  4. J

    I give up

    I'll get my sporting fix from NBA2k13! We are too advanced in gaming to put with this crap. Take a million year to turn! I cant bother going through this, I know many feel the same way!
  5. J

    Fifa to PES

    Both games suck in their own way.
  6. J

    How fed up are you?

    I wish 2K could do something, EA is stifling the industry with the whole licensing stuff.
  7. J

    How fed up are you?

    I've just about had it, I handle the stress PES gives me, sorry but I'm gonna go with animation(FIFA) over the game play which is overshadowed by key limitations and poor execution. Plus there's always NBA2k13
  8. J

    A few questions about PES 2013

    Its great at first but the novelty fades quickly, I'm kinda bored now. The biggest thing for me now is that it needs another button for dibbling and turning in tight spaces like Fifa. The gameplay is great but those niggles affect you in the long run when you want to do certain things.
  9. J

    Turning animation

    Who else believes there needs to be more and varied turning animation. The Pirlo and Xavi animations are nice but there needs to be some better default ones. It getting annoying sometimes.
  10. J

    Online community

    The interface is so not user friendly, how does one play in their community?
  11. J

    PS3 vs Xbox

    I recently switched to PS3, When I had my xbox I had the demo but now I have the full game on the PS3. I find that the game feels a little faster that the demo ( i dont enough time on the ball like I used to) but I dont know if its the update or the final copy version or a difference found on...
  12. J

    Chant pack link

    I'm trying the link but it just says Permission Denied. Any solutions?
  13. J

    No league mode in pes this year

    I dont wanna be on the depressive wagon but it just like them to do something great coupled with something dumb!
  14. J

    No league mode in pes this year

    League Mode Will Konami ad this via a patch, are they even considering it? When you think about it; it would be relatively easy to do!
  15. J


    Fair enough!
  16. J


    Give it a try bro, then come back!
  17. J


    Double tapp and before the player strikes the ball hold back on the stick!
  18. J


    Just adding my piece to the puzzle gentlemen, glad I could help. Hopefully I'm in the books! Enjoy!:D PS I'm about to switch to PS3 because the PES patch is much cooler on the PS
  19. J


    Dont mention it!:welcome2:
  20. J


    double tap cross