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    The Ultimate Classic Player Thread

    Anybody have or want to make stat's & app's for Lalas, Wynalda Le Saux
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    Anybody got stat's for old Ireland defender Phil Babb?
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    Brazil Players

    Anybody out there with stat's or apps for the following player's. Junior Baiano Cesar Sampaio Andre Cruz
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    World Cup 98

    Does anybody have the kit's for any team's from France 98? For pes6?
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    liverscouse's appearance request thread!

    Le Saux Beckham from France 98 Seaman France 98
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    Le Saux

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    Le Saux

    Thank's ill brab them off the thread when you put them up.
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    Le Saux

    App & Stats anybody?
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    The Ultimate Classic Player Thread

    anybody got the app & stats for, Le Saux (Chelsea & England) Junior Baiano (Brazil) Di Biagio (Italy) Cesar Sampaio (Italy) Stam classic stats (Holland) David Seaman France 98 App David Beckham France 98 app
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    Classic Australian players

    Does anybody have the stats & app for Ned Zelic, Johnny Warren, Robbie Slater,Craig Foster and Paul Wade. Or can somebody just create them for me.
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    Classic Australian players

    Just wondering if anybody has to app or stats OR would like to create them for me for Ned Zelic, Johnny Warren, Paul Wade, Craig Foster & Robbie Slater thanks.
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    The Ultimate Classic Player Thread

    I suggest somebody make some classie Australian players. Ned Zelic Paul Wade Robbie Slater Craig Foster Johnny Warren somebody make them :p
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    Barry III Stats Request Thread

    Ned Zelic Robbie Slater Paul Wade Johnny Warren All classie Australian players
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    Missing Player Creations (PES6)

    ide like to see a few classic Australian players done. Such as. Ned Zelic Robbie Slater Paul Wade Johnny Warren
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    My Apearence Thread (Ultimate Editing Thread)

    Ide like to see a few classie Australian players like Ned Zelic. Paul Wade. Robbie Slater. Johnny Warren
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    The Ultimate Classic Player Thread

    Anybody be able to post stat's for Zidane & Ronaldo in their prime also has anybody created these player's. Graham Le Saux Aldiar Colin Hendy Gary McAllister Andreas Kopke Abelardo Albert Ferrer Cesar Sampaio Junior Baiano David Seaman (World Cup 98 App) David Beckham (World Cup 98 App)
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    The Ultimate Classic Player Thread

    Ide like to see player's like Graham Le Saux,Christopher Dugarry,Cesar Sampio or Junior Baiano. They arnt really "classic" player's but still player for their nation team's in a world cup or 2
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    The Ultimate Classic Player Thread

    anymore player's coming up?
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    Pes 4 World Cup

    if enough people become interested i will start this week or next so 2 week's max pass around this thread and see if many people are interested