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    G.T.M Pro World pes 2011 OF (PS3/UK)

    PLEASE DON'T SCRAP LEEDS!! lol Thank you for all the hard work, Glen The Magpie. I'm sure some of us would love to offer our help but I wouldn't even no where to start. Just really looking forward to playing against Schalke 04 and Leverkusen in the Champions League and not Waryamosuk...
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    [PS3] Alkhens Npower championship OF for Bles 20

    Really good OF, Alkhen. Well done. And we're not even out of October! Very impressed. I just started a Master League with Leeds United and I was very excited to get things underway. I've played about half-a-dozen games (won two, drawn two, lost two) but then, last night, this happened...
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    Right, Time For Some Real Talk on This Fifa/PES Buisness

    Can I just take a few moments to salute Mr 'Tech_Skill' for his comments. Not only was his first post quite possibly the funniest thing I have ever read on any forum on the web, but one of the most intelligent. I'm not quite sure if Tech is trying to entertain us all, as well as inform us...
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    Rosh's PES 2010 PS3 Option File

    Hey there! Great work, Rosh. Looks amazing. How can I go about swapping one of the emblems of the Championship teams to Leeds United? I'm new to all of this. I don't have a clue how to upload an emblem. I want THIS file but I'd love Leeds too! Payneey