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    PES 2009 Gameplay Video

    dont load, downloading it now...
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    seabass interview?

    the orginals in spanish so this is the google translated one.
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    PES 2008 Complete Soundtrack Album - MP3

    it was! on the pelluk forums
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    teams in PES 2009
  5. F

    PES 2008 Complete Soundtrack Album - MP3

    cool, ill be putting up some arctic monkeys!!!
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    teams in PES 2009

  7. F

    teams in PES 2009

    just give it 10 more days till leipzig..
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    Stop kidding yourselves
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    new display card for pes2009

    since i bought cod4 and pes 2008 on pc and it turned out my pc was too shit to handle them, ive gone ps3. its made things easier...
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    New Franchise?

    best football game - [fifa 2002], then they got shit
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    Will PES 2009 (uk) play in North American PS3?

    dont think it will, on the ps2, usa cds showed up black and white, since in the uk its PAL and usa's something different
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    Fifa interview
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    Another fifa gameplay vid

    this time man utd vs barcelona...,654356/News/playstation/Manchester_United_vs_FC_Barcelona_-_Das_Video_der_ersten_Halbzeit_aus_FIFA_09/ is it just me or the speeds gone up? + a Comparison movie
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    Crowd dissapears at 27 seconds

    its at 30 seconds on the very left
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    Pes 2009 Trailer!!!

    looks great, i love the way that last defender just stands there and lets messi go for the ball
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    fifa gameplay vid

    its a gameplay vid, if anyones interested..,654223/VideogamesZone/FIFA_09/Chelsea_vs_Arsenal_Exklusives_Video_aus_FIFA_09/
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    tgs 2008

    tokyo game show=Tokyo Game Show 2008 will be held from 9 to 12 October, 2008. leipzig= 'The 2008 Games Convention will take place from August 20-24.' source wikipedia for shaun
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    tgs 2008

    will pro evo be in the tokyo game show this year?