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    Corners - how to score?..

    I struggled with headers from corners, but I sussed when I press square to shoot to only move the joystick a small bit in the direction I want to aim my header, I score a lot more. If held far over as possible in any directoon the ball always skied it. So a quarter of the travel the stick can...
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    Playstation 3

    Sorry, i was vexed and venting. Not a Xbox fan really, consider my mouth washed. Im just a bit pissed off i have to restart on a new ps3, 8 months of stuff put on it, i have a bit backed up on a portable hard drive but its more the fact it shouldn't happen in the first place and will be time...
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    Playstation 3

    Sick as, my ps3 320gb that i only bought in Jan this year has just died. Sony collecting it tomorrow and replacing it, but this don't compensate for the fact i have now lost all my films, music and option file data. Very annoying. My old ps3 died of YLOD. Starting to think i should just give...
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    W.E.N.B. Option File PS3 Released! (BLES-20)

    Thank you mate, will give the GTM one a go when i get home. I left for work before PES11 was released so looking forward to my first bit play when i get back. Cheers for the reply.
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    W.E.N.B. Option File PS3 Released! (BLES-20)

    Hey people. I get home in 2 weeks and going to buy new PS3 (last one died YLOD). Im gonna buy the UK Bles 20 version of the game (where is best to get it from?) so i can use this option file. Just wondering, is it best to download the in game updates then install the option file, or install...
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    Who's got faith?

    Will be a step in the right direction
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    Playstation 3

    My ps3 got the YLOD last week:realmad:, its the original 60gb version, is well old like so has lasted quite well. Took it apart and tried the fix, but still the same, will try again next week. Luckily im back to work in the next couple of weeks so wont be using it anyway. Will most likely buy...
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    Masterleague player stats. I.e goals, assists etc

    If you go into my team, press R2 it will change from the players hearts showing happiness/commitment to club to the stats, shows games played, goals assists and cards i thinks
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    Changing squad numbers?

    No bother! :)
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    Changing squad numbers?

    On the ML menu, go into options and there is one for change shirt numbers
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    Battlefield: Bad Company 2

    Traded in Red Dead Redemption yesterday to get this, glad i did, and iv only played first few missions. Looks good and is a fun game to play, am impressed.
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    PES 2010 "Oh my gosh", or words to that effect, compilation

    Nice video, good editing. And good use of skills for the goals
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    Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

    I played for an hour or so, then my lass come back round, forgot id agreed the other day! Apparently its ignorant when i play and ignore her. She hasnt quite got her head round being a console widow yet! I added the few people who did play tho, think i proved how poor i am at the game too...
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    Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

    Laughing stock? This fills me with confidence! I am very confident i will take this title ha. I do try to play well, i just aint quick enough, lucky if i get near evens on death to kills! But practise makes perfect eh.
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    Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

    I should be able to play the morra like, i am rather shit but will make up the numbers ha. PSN Danny_Fairbairn
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    Number Of Appearances

    In "my team", press r2 or something, it toggles through wages and how happy the player is, one of the pages is games played and goals and assists etc
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    Wow... The keeper really sucks

    Doh!! I've found out! :crymore:
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    ML is too easy - ways to make it harder?

    With Gerard and Torres in your team, the game is never gonna be that difficult really. Use Liverpool but with the defaut ml players, its easier to start crap and build up, once you have a good team its not so easy to make them shit.
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    ML is too easy - ways to make it harder?

    Iv started only signing players with between 60 and 69 overall stats, and (apart from a couple of faves) if players gets over 75 i sell them. My highest ranking player is El Zhar on 79.
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    is it just me?

    If i change a few players in the close season my team never plays the same start of new season, as the season goes on my players get better, suppose its just as team work increases. But i def reckon the comp tries to slow you down, its all part of the fun tho!