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    [PS3 EU] Mop 2014 - pes 2014

    Thanks , i just usually have abysmal speeds and error on Uploaded , but after trying multiple time i got it .
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    [PS3 EU] Mop 2014 - pes 2014

    Thanks a lot , but is there anyway to get a mirror for those having issues with Uploaded ?
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    Bles - why, oh why?

    Tell me about it . I still dont get why they dont use their own J-league soccer from winning eleven into pes . Or why do they remove players that are on the disc already with their transfer patches , when they damn well know people will use them for OF . i'm already giving up personally ...
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    Should Konami Name And Shame Cheaters?

    I'm an advocate of not banning cheaters . It's ineffective . At worst they ge another account and copy . Be it for soccer , fps , or whatever ... i think the best solution wouldnt be permanent and huges decreases of stats (in this instance for each players of the team he chooses) and visuals...
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    Tactical discussion

    I think you might wanna look a bit around . They most likely dont have settings for your team , except maybe in the comments section . But they make some valid point and explanation imo about teamstyle behavior among other things ... And how as usualt konami doesnt...
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    Why is Real Madrid so awesome in this game?

    Despite the complains , many people like the glamour of an all stars team . And it's not as if Chelsea (at least at some point) , Barca , Bayern , didnt built their team too with usually an absurd amount of money , and trophies in sight , like city and real . Real is my least favored team of...
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    Why is Real Madrid so awesome in this game?

    precisely . While both games let you use team work and play in a collective fashion (some years more or less) ... it has never been completely and well implemented in any game yet ... So it's easy for individual qualities to shine and outshine everything . Especially when the main difference...
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    PES 11 v/s PES 10

    You mean worse or as something new ? I and many others have always experienced this since the first next gen pes . And i actually think it was even worse with the cards enabled/disabled .
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    PES 11 v/s PES 10

    Uh ? What kind of argument is "No up to date transfers" ? Its the same problem every year . And actually they added a transfer dlc rather quickly in comparison . Graphics wise ... pes10 was pretty but with awfully bright and flashy lightning effect . Hell both fifa 11 and pes 11 decided to...
  10. N FO Bundesliga&Serie B **You must try it!**

    Thanks great work .. for some odd reason , the other EU OF of the page , dont bother adding CSKA Moscow .
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    Patch 1.0.2 first impressions thread!

    I know you might not like my opinion about it , but the way i see it , if someone just want a dream team without dealing with consequences , they might just edit teams via the menu of the same name and transfert the best players there . Hell till 2009 i even used to recreate teams and players...
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    Patch 1.0.2 first impressions thread!

    I dont see how it was in any way ok . No offense but you could buy anyone (willing to come) dirt cheap and build whatever team you want will no consequences . I've even fired (not sold , fired) entire squad of high profiled teams and replaced them with better or equivalent players without much...