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    [XBOX360] WENB Option File 2015

    Hey Schitzophonic, i rarely post on forums because I am to lazy for typing, but man you really did some awesome work here. File works perfectly and the stats and squads you and your Companions created for the Bundesliga are spot on. Nice Premier League Kits, too. Thank you for making a good game...
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    How to Negate the Scripting?

    Yeah very good contributions to the topic. Scripting can feel very annoying, cause it destroys the imagination of an fair battle, which is why fixing in the real football world is so hated. I wanted to add, that the scripting also heavily influences online gameplay. It is frustrating, when you...
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    OF V2 by Santiis2010

    Hey Santiis , really good work man ! I use your Optionfile 1.0. Good stuff, but why did you deleted the Bundesliga in 2.0 :( ? peace
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    Konami, Can u do us a huge favor and slow down the gameplay online ?

    Absoloutley agree ! The core gameplay is great though it is way too fast , and some matches feel totally arcadish. Its a huge difference when i play offline against a friend with -1 gamespeed (way better expirience) and an online game. Why so fast KONAMI ? At least make it possible to change...