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    The 'How are you doing at Become A Legend mode' thread.

    Hi there! I'm in my second season, started in Cesena, did a whole season there. in January of second season went to Rio Ave in Portugal and have already signed a contract with Villarreal. going there in July. I started with RWF position but never made a game in that position. in my third game...
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    BaL 2012 Missions

    You're welcome. Unlike you I'm kind of a dirty player. Got 3 red cards in 30 games :/
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    BaL 2012 Missions

    Got a new different mission today. All I had to do is not get any cards of any color
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    Become a legend/ what konami could fix/improve/add?

    wouldn't it be cool to play as a ref? I think I would like it
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    Starting team

    I stopped playing for a while and started again today. started a new BAL and ended up in Cesena. RWF 59 OVR with 3 cards: Long-Throw, Speed Merchant and Long Range Drive. So I'm very happy with this one Thanks for the replies.
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    Legend combinations

    I want a player much like Hulk. Not sure if you guys know him. but i want a lwf, very fast and with a nice long range shot. Any tips?
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    Starting team

    ok. thanks
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    Starting team

    how does it work? Is it completely random? Because I just started in a PES League team and it sucks.. i realy hate that team :(