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    [PS4] DFL OptionFile 2017 (Bundesliga and more)

    I followed all the steps here, but halfway through the final update file (December) I get the error "cannot import more images". Am I missing a step?
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    PowerLFC 2.5 Option File

    Any news dude?
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    [WE10] ..::WE10_Wehellas_WC2006_Olymp patch

    Hey people.. I don't suppose anyone could post a proper step-by-step guide to patching this game could they? I've tried 3 times but each time I get a problem burning the actual ISO - I also realised my new ISO is only 1.7gb instead of about 4.3gb which the original ISO is. Am I doing this...
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    [ALL] WSAG Evolution V2.5 Option File

    Dude, it's awesome!! Although, I have WE10 as well, and I'm kin da addicted to the slightly new, if not highly noticeable, features that players have - it's hard playing Pro Evo 5 even though it does have this awesome file when WE10 plays the game better. Therefore, any chance you'll start...
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    [ALL] WSAG Evolution V2.5 Option File

    Any chance of this on WE10??
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    [PS2] WE10 Rammstone's WE10 option file v0.4 [26/Apr/06]

    Having trouble with it showing up on the MAXdrive. Any advice?
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    [PS2] PES5 OF - Blackcocktail Mix One-Transfers 6Feb06

    Man, I think i tlk 4 every1 when I say WEmerica's majorly p*ssed every1 off. Y create somethin then not share? He ain't claimin he created it all - he even mentions he borrowed from other files, and mentions WEmerica's name specifically! Wot a chump.