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    The Patch: Will it Solve the Goalkeeping Woes?

    Does that mean there will not be a keeper fix? I got tired of shootouts in ML and had assumed the 29th would bring some hope. Too bad if not.
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    Scripting in action - extremely blatant

    Lol I had my moments, I started on regular ;-) To be honest until I found the 'spot' my games on Pro were pretty challenging and I was getting realistic results. I'll give TP or SS a go and hope a patch takes care of the goalie.
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    Scripting in action - extremely blatant

    I think my biggest problem is not the change in AI, but the fact I can easily score from the same spot once they tie it up again. I played an ML game last night as Valencia against Villarreal. The final was 4-3 and all four of my goals came from the same spot, immediately after Villarreal...
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    Scripting in action - extremely blatant

    I said ML, and what I'm seeing I may have confused with scripting. Whats happening to me is once I get clear in the top of the penalty box within the half circle (sorry 1st soccer game) I can score every time. As long as the score is tied or I'm down a goal. As soon as the I'm up, the COM plays...
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    Scripting in action - extremely blatant

    I stopped playing PES because of this very reason. In every ML game I played I could easily score from the top of the box as long as the score was tied or I was down a goal. As soon as I would go up a goal all the 'luck' would go to the COM. I could defend but why? If the COM ties it I could...
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    New to it all!

    Thanks Rat! No worries, I'm just trying to figure out the best way to play. I'm not an online player so its just the CPU that will be frustrated! I guess I feel like I'm getting away with a lot of fouls when in the box and I don't want to start any bad habits. In other sports games I play I can...
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    New to it all!

    Hey all, this is my first football game and I have a few questions. First while I'm not too familiar with teams outside the EPL, why are the rosters so out of date? Do I need to go somewhere and DL current ones? I'm on a PS4. So far I've settled into playing on professional, 15 minutes, very...
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    Hey all complete video game football noob here, hoping to learn a lot!