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    [BLES01406] GTM Pes World PES 2012 of [ps3 uk]

    Swansea were not the biggest team and they were left out of last years option file and look what they did!!! Cant wait for this option file!
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    [PS3] Alkhens Npower championship OF for Bles 20

    Great option file Master league is amazing now!
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    National Teams PNGS

    hi nice job! could you update the Wales kits as ours are made by umbro now! home shirt away shirt many thanks!!
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    Championship kits option file

    at last!!!! good effort mate! this makes the master league perfect, cant wait to start a proper season! any chance of swansea being added?! cheers again!
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    [JackWhoBRA] PES2010 png kits for PS3 09/10

    championship option file? will there be a championship option file on this thread? hope so for better master league!
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    Rosh's PES 2010 PS3 Option File

    championships teams nice option file Rosh! are there going to be any championship teams added as the master league would be awesome then!!!
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    Free Kicks!!!!!!

    i was a big fan of the square ball but i didnt think it would work any more! i will defo give it a try , cheers budy!
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    Free Kicks!!!!!!

    i cannot for the life of me score free kicks and never have done! anyone please help with any tips1 cheers!
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    Negotiation Help Please

    signing players best thing to do guys is half way through the season sign the players you want on loan! i managed to get the players i wanted including messi and cech! give it a go, only half way through the seaon tho!
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    Von Option File (V2.04 NOW ONLINE - 2009/10 Season Update)

    Wales away kit soory mate i got the colours mixed up, its yellow shirt geen shorts yellow socks! no red bits in site!!! heres a link to a picture of Wales playing Russia...
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    Von Option File (V2.04 NOW ONLINE - 2009/10 Season Update)

    Wales away kit Its def the new champion away kit! seen them play in it! dont know why there are no images online?! keep up the good work, cheers!
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    Von Option File (V2.04 NOW ONLINE - 2009/10 Season Update)

    Wales away kit Added Wales international home and goalkeeper kits (No away kit done due to it not being released yet so I don’t know what it looks like) Great option file, The Wales away kit has the same template as the home and is all yellow with red bits instead of white!!!! Tidy!!
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    Introducing 'The' Classic kits

    Wales away kit Great option file mate, Wales do have new away kit, its the same template and is all yellow with the smaller bits red! couldnt find any pictures for some reason, cheers!!!
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    I Have PSEYE and will do picture requests, also website for pes to fm stats

    Man Utd away kit? Any chance you could do the man utd away lit for 08/09 please? cheers
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    Optionfile PES2008 US SERGIOMP12V1.0 (PS3)

    kits 08/09 are there any updated English premier league kits on this option file? cheers
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    08-09 kits for ps3

    you got to click on the links then save them then swap them for the files you already have but theres no point cos 5 of the files are corrupt!!!!! Nice job tho!