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  1. Apocalypse88

    PS4 OF PES 2019 Nico Ultras

    Great OF, installed without a hitch. Just wish it had 3 outfield Juventus kits, other than that 10/10.
  2. Apocalypse88

    The Master League Experiences Thread

    Try to adjust your tactics, Barca that is, When out of possession push them high up so they press your defenders. Change 'Pressing' to agressive, push their defensive line high up the pitch. I think you get the idea, I used to have the same problem but after tweaking the tactics of every team (I...
  3. Apocalypse88

    [XBOX360] WENB Option File 2015

    I just cant believe how good this OP is, rivalry teams, squads, formations and some of the transfers that Konami overlooked, all updated. Thanx. I'll only update a few of the classics' faces, I know ;) I like to transfer a few classics to my team before starting my ML but I switch them (the...
  4. Apocalypse88

    [XBOX360] WENB Option File 2015

    Hearing amazing things about the OP, cant wait to give it a try. Damn Job.
  5. Apocalypse88

    What Do You Want In PES16?

    :realmad:It sure be nice to have entrance cutscene back for 360 and ps3, dont think I'll be moving to nxt gen (maybe next year). I miss that feeling it gives you right before the game, the atmosphere. :realmad: :realmad: Headers are crap, when you try to aim it ALWAYS goes wide no matter how...
  6. Apocalypse88

    [XBOX360] WENB Option File 2015

    Dont worry about it we know editing consumes a lot of time so patience is key. I can honestly say your OP is the best I've used this year.
  7. Apocalypse88

    [XBOX360] WENB Option File 2015

    Hey Schitzophonic, sorry for asking if you 've already stated it but did you also adjust the bundesliga in the latest option file? Thanks for the option file the game looks unbelievable
  8. Apocalypse88

    How are you getting on in ML Offline

    QPR is just too good in this game. Just played a 50-50 possession game with them but ended up winning 2-1 scoring those 2 in the last 5 minutes. They (QPR) are 3rd on the log. I m 5th.
  9. Apocalypse88

    How are you getting on in ML Offline

    Had hoped that they would have done away with this in 2013, it annoyed the shit out of me in 2012 :realmad:
  10. Apocalypse88

    diving? how to get a free kick?

    Could never successfully pull this off in PES2012 :( [always got booked], will try 2 to 3 times in PES 2013 and if the result is the same i ll just stick to fair play (Although the AI cheats like hell :angry:)
  11. Apocalypse88

    ML is rubbish...

    Player growth in PES is just ridiculous. After two seasons all your 1st team players will have a rating above 90
  12. Apocalypse88

    Unhappy Players

  13. Apocalypse88

    Why does KONAMI keep removing good things about previous PES games?

    It seems as if Konami never really carry out market research to find out what we want because there is no way a die hard PES fan would have recommended the boots thing. Well, someone said they are trying to be innovative well maybe they shouldn't because they are really bad at it. At times i...
  14. Apocalypse88

    PES Licenses since ISS Pro 1

    You are kidding, right?:ohmy: Well, as Sabatasso said, i guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion....
  15. Apocalypse88

    Fifa 13 Vs PES 2013

    The main reason(s) i really dont like Fifa
  16. Apocalypse88

    Unhappy Players

    Sounds promising. Thanks
  17. Apocalypse88

    Unhappy Players

    Dont know if this has been addressed already, but (for those who already have the game) do players still come after every single game to complain about not being played or being played out of position in PES 2013. I really hated this :angry: in PES 2012 as it restricted my flexibility as a...
  18. Apocalypse88

    Got hands on full version of PES13 (PS3)

    In ML do players still come after every single game to complain about not getting enough game time.
  19. Apocalypse88

    Pes 2013 Release Date

    Cant wait to get my hands on this one
  20. Apocalypse88

    Ml news

    Just wish they can give an option to edit cups. We'd be able to create a replica of the EPL cup and FA Cup so that the presentation can be brought back after the Final game (not just the CL cup presentation)