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    Fifa 09 What footwork Just made a new 360 gamertag because my old one wouldn't update with a prepaid card. Add me for games please: Barry Horne
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    editing players skills?!

    I think most if not all players can do the ronaldo chop. I'm guessing to get the heel flick, technique must be high. I know that was a factor in the rabona being done
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    PES 2008 > the Pros and Cons

    Not trying to gloat but is the slowdown only a real issue with the PS3. I played PES again in Virgin today and I only noticed it on a corner once. But the running animations of the players off the ball are so weird. The run with their chests out all the time. Realistic sometimes, but even...
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    Gamers May Be Charged For Updates

    The most you're going to pay is about £2.50 anyway. That's what I remember paying for Rainbow Six maps a couple of years ago.
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    Available in Sunderland now!

    Liverpool are still saying tomorrow. Chipshop 2000 sold out this morning :( I was too late getting out of bed.
  6. P orders for pes

    I ordered Monday morning. Got dispatched Tuesday but still isn't here. Liverpool's postal system sucks at the moment. I might go into town and try get it a day early but I fear disappointment.
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    PES2008 early availability Ireland?

    Now what's the big o'idea?
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    Black hairs

    I was playing PES in Virgin today and Torres has blondish hair. Didn't see Hyypia 'cos he's shit and didn't get on
  9. P orders for pes

    I got FIFA 08 on the 360 a day early from so it will be the same for PES hopefully
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    PES vs FIFA Player Likeness

    Rooney looks so much better on FIFA than that picture shows. As I said before about Gerrard and Lampard, they look terrible on PES along with a lot of others. If PES didn't have the gameplay advantage it'd be outdone by next-gen FIFA. Carrick has bright red Puma boots where as Ronaldo has...
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    PES vs FIFA Player Likeness

    The faces on FIFA look so much better than those given. It's obviously biased towards PES to make people keep thinking that FIFA is shite when it's fair to say that it a much better game this year than any previous version. If the FIFA were HD it'd be hard to say which are better in my opinion...
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    Demo Is Here!!

    30% over 3 hours :( Gonna be worth the wait I hope
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    Need Help With The Free-Kick Master!

    I had this problem also. Try the old Chelski formation of 4-3-3 with a DM, CM and AM. Put him CM cos you have a DM to help him with defence and he has a good pass forward and a very accurate shot.
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    Help choosing a formation

    My friends and I have created a league where we all have a team and have picked players from all avaliable. I'm stuck on deciding a formation which is suitable and works for the players I have. Here are my players: Coupet Canizares Terry Agger Cordoba Mertesacker Zambrotta Grosso...
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    Winning eleven 10 Hands down!

    He gives good backing to his point
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    I hate it when a nerd demands respect
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    Anyone know how to fix Cisse's face? He looks really young and unlike him on my game. Also, can anyone give me the number of Rafael Sobis' face please?
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    Non-playable nations

    No israel for you...
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    ps2 network adapter

    Nowhere does anymore due to the slimline having built in ones. Ebay is probably your best bet.